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With over a year and a half in design, development, and materials testing, Z1 Motorsports’ ultra-lightweight two-piece rotors are now available. Tipping the scales at a scant 20 pounds per rotor, our two-piece design loses 10 pounds compared to the stock 30 pound Akebono sport rotors, a weight savings of 33%. By significantly reducing the rotors’ unsprung mass, the front of your Juke comes to life, resulting in noticeably more nimble handling, sharper turn-in, and remarkable response, all while allowing the car to be pushed deeper into the braking zone.

With the ideal of ultimate performance in mind, Z1 Motorsports’ Two-Piece Rotors are rigorously tested on Z1 Motorsports’ own high-powered street and track cars. Competing in everything from Global Time Attack to local track days to aggressive street driving, the rotors have been repeatedly torture tested while keeping these cars highly competitive.

Standard features of the Z1 Motorsports Two-Piece Akebono Front Rotors include:

Lightweight Design
A two-piece design drops weight by 10 pounds per rotor, 20 pounds total of unsprung mass. Lightweight rotor hats are machined from forged 6061 aluminum blanks, and finished with heat treating and premium black-hard anodizing.

Performance Cooling Geometry
A departure from traditional rotors, Z1 Motorsports’ two-piece configuration also facilitates two modes of cooling. An expanding directional vane cooling tract that is 60% wider than OEM specifications has proven to perform better than straight or pillar style rotors, while the open face design allows for a higher volume of axial air flow.

Precision Manufactured Alloy Irons
Alloy rotor irons are heat-treated and stress relieved to deliver the best performance in all conditions. This process keeps the disc stable at extreme temperatures and minimizes the effects of warping and cracking, resulting in increased rotor life and maximized performance. Held to precise specifications, rotors are dynamically balanced after assembly and precision parallel ground. Available in high performance slotted or drilled & slotted rotor configuration.

Black Electrophoretic Deposition Coating
The rotor is finished off with a tough e-coat (EPD) to keep it from rusting and give it more resistance to breakdown at extreme temperatures. The electronic particle deposition process ensures an even coating of all surfaces and excessive corrosion protection.

Complete Zinc Coated, SAE Graded Hardware
Fastening hardware includes heat-treated M6 slot nuts and quenched and tempered SAE Grade 10.9 bolts, larger fasteners than the majority of our competitors’ 2-piece brake rotor hardware. These heavy-duty fasteners translate to higher proof strength, especially critical in systems as crucial as braking.

Built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts: in addition to top-tier performance, rotor rebuild cost was a priority consideration; also available HERE are the same rotor irons as part of a two-piece rotor rebuild kit. So go ahead, take 20 pounds off the front axle, you won't be disappointed.

NOTE: These rotors are intended to be used with 370Z / G37 Sport Akebono Calipers ONLY and will not fit with standard calipers. If you do not have a set of Akebono Calipers and would like to purchase a set, contact us via phone or product questions below and we'll be happy to build you a kit!

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$649.00 $599.00

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Questions our customers have asked...

Hi! I'm interested of the Akebono brake upgrade for my 2015 nismo juke rs, I have seen people done it in forum but the front rotors need a 5mm spacer between the hub and rotors for clearance, is this rotors hat dimensions different than regular 370z/G37 Akebono rotors will fit without any interference ? Also with only front brakes upgrade will it cause brake bias? Do I need to upgrade brake master cylinder if doing both front and rear brake upgrade since front 4 pistons calipers and rear 2 pistons calipers compare to stock single piston calipers, do I need different set of brake lines? Do I need a shorter calipers mounting bolts? Please advise thank you

Response: Hey Andrew, no spacer required here! These rotor hats are built Juke specific so no special modifications or additional parts are required. I'll contact you directly in response to your other questions.