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The Z1 300ZX GEN 2 GTX Ball Bearing Turbo Kits are the latest generation of Z1 Motorsports Turbo kits, the most complete turbo kits on the market for the Z32. These kits are comprised of GEN 2 GTX Ball Bearing turbos which are superior to  previous GTX and larger compressor wheel turbo kits available. With the G2GTX2860R or G2GTX2867R you will get the most recent turbocharger design from Garrett along with the most complete bolt on turbo kits you have come to know and love from Z1 Motorsports. Together we have created what we consider to be the best 300ZX turbo kits available.

As with all Z1 Garrett Ball Bearing Turbo kits, compressor inlets are machined for O-rings to offer an air tight seal to the intake pipes. Compressor inlets adapters are also press fit, bonded, and welded to the compressor housings to create a bolt on turbo. These compressor inlets are available in stock diameter or in 2.5" diameter for those with upgraded intake pipes (NOT required for 2.5" intercooler piping). Please choose the appropriate option below.

These kits are based on two brand new Garrett GEN 2 GTX Ball Bearing turbos with all the hardware, lines, wastegates, flanges, adapters, brackets, and modifications necessary to provide a complete bolt on application to stock exhaust manifolds (Will also fit Mike Smith and AMS cast manifolds with little modification). No cutting, grinding, beating in frame rails, etc. Our GTX turbo kits are available with your choice of three different size and trim compressor wheels and optional .64 A/R or .86 turbine housing.

Depending on your choice of Compressor Wheel option these GTX turbo kits have the capability of flowing well over 30psi and produce over 800 crank horsepower with race fuel with proper tuning along with supporting modifications. These turbos feature all new components; high output GTX fully machined forged compressor wheels, and high-efficiency GT series turbine wheels. Uses a 5-bolt downwpipe and comes with inlet flange adapters for a bolt-on setup to stock pipes. Downpipes are available as an option below for a discounted rate when purchased with this turbo kit.  

GTX Compressor Map Comparison

GEN 2 GTX2860R

GEN 2 GTX2867R

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This compressor, on moderate street boost levels (17-18psi), can produce over 500hp and is capable of producing approximately 650hp at 36psi. This compressor, on moderate street boost levels (17-18psi), can produce over 600hp and is capable of producing approximately 800hp at 32psi.
These turbos only have the ability to push these numbers and will not reach maximum boost levels out of the box from Z1. Modifications to the wastegate actuator are necessary to achieve maximum boost as well as the engine to hold this pressure.

Kit includes:

  1. 2 New Garrett GEN 2 GTX BB Turbochargers (your choice of 60mm or 67mm compressor wheels) 
  2. 2 New High Pressure Adjustable Wastegate Actuators with Brackets (Installed)
  3. 2 Braided Stainless Steel Oil Feed Lines with .035" Restrictors & Fittings
  4. 2 Compressor Housing Inlet Adapter Flanges with O-Ringed Seals (Welded to the Compressor Housing)
  5. 2 Compressor Housing Outlet Couplers (5 Ply Reinforced Silicone)
  6. 4 T-Bolt Clamps for Compressor Outlet Couplers (225mm)
  7. 2 Exhaust Manifold to Turbine Housing Gaskets (4 Bolt)
  8. 2 Turbine Housing to Downpipe Gaskets (5 Bolt)
  9. 10 Turbine Housing to Downpipe Stainless Steel Bolts
  10. 10 Copper Crush Washers for Coolant and Oil Lines
  11. 2 Oil Return Hose Flanges with O-Ringed Seals (Installed)
  12. 4 Allen Head Fasteners for Oil Return Flanges (Installed)
  13. 2 Formed Fluoro-Silicone Oil Return Hoses
  14. 6 Feet of 6.5mm (1/4") Z1 Reinforced Silicone Wastegate Actuator Hose
  15. 2 Feet of 8mm (5/16") Z1 Reinforced Silicone Coolant Hose

Installation available through Z1. Contact for rates.

Before installing please read the Oil Feed Line Installation Manual.

We offer two different choices for wastegate actuators as an option below.  The standard 1.0 bar actuators will result in a base (minimum) boost of around 14psi and a maximum boost of 26-28 psi.  The high pressure 1.5 bar actuators will give you the ability to produce 34+ psi however the minimum boost level may be 18-20 psi, which may exceed safe limits for pump gas.  These figures vary from car to car depending on many variables and we can not guarantee what your set-up will produce.  Our wastegate actuators feature a turnbuckle rod end connector which makes them easy to synchronize and adjust preload, changing max and min boost levels.  It is even possible to make adjustments with the turbos installed. 

5-Bolt Downpipes required and available as an option below.

Available Options:

Compressor Wheel Size / Trim:

Compressor Inlets:


Wastegate Actuator:

$3,800.00 $3,395.00

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