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Due to the saddle bag design of the stock fuel tank, the 350Z (and more notably, the 370Z as well as the Infiniti G35 and G37) is commonly known to stall due to fuel staravation when making long sweeping right-hand turns at speed with as much as 3/4 tank of gasoline on R-compound tires. During a right-hand turn, fuel is thrown away from the OEM fuel pump and becomes trapped in the left-hand sump of the fuel tank. The fuel cannot be transferred to the right-hand sump fast enough and the engine stalls.

The Z1 Motorsports Fuel Anti-Starvation Kit solves this issue by utilizing a secondary fuel pump which transfers fuel from the left-hand sump of the fuel tank directly into the OEM fuel pump basket.  Thoroughly track tested at Road Atlanta, this kit eliminates the fuel starvation problem on a clockwise track particularly prone to cause fuel starvation problems on later model Nissan Z models.  

Utilizing the latest patented innovation from Holley Performance Products, their fuel HydraMat has been developed to:

  • Fuel reservoir system designed to reduce fuel starvation issues present in hard cornering, acceleration, stopping, inclines, and low fuel conditions
  • Patent pending design that solves the problems associated with traditional fuel pick-ups in stock fuel tanks as well as racing fuel cells
  • Greatly reduces the potential for air to enter into the fuel system which can result in poor engine performance and/or engine stalling
  • Perfect for vehicles experiencing fuel starvation during hard cornering, acceleration, stopping, inclines, and low fuel conditions
  • Surface tension and fluid wicking allow the HydraMat™ to continue to draw fuel from the tank or cell even when part of the mat is uncovered
  • As an area of the HydraMat™ is uncovered, tiny pores in the media seal off through surface tension, forcing fuel to be drawn from other areas of the mat where fuel continues to be available
  • Unique internal reservoir assists in keeping fuel available at the pickup even under extreme fuel slosh conditions
  • Also acts as a 15 micron pre-filter 
  • Can be folded and compressed for easy installation through a variety of fuel cell openings

Kit Includes: 

  • Hydramat, magnetic mounts, and associated fittings 
  • 255lph in-tank fuel pump, vibration insulator, and associated fittings 
  • Submersible fuel line for connecting Hydramat to pump
  • Submersible fuel line to connect additional pump to basket with hard line
  • Additional fuel pump harness with connectors to splice in to your existing wiring
  • Constant tension fuel hose clamps
  • Installation manual including diagrams and instructions




What our customers say...

Put this kit in my car before my last trackday and started the session with 1/4 tank, ran almost the ...

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i loving tracking my 350z an was sick of filling up every time i came of track. anything under 3/4 ...

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This kit works. Period. Installation is a little tricky in that you must keep the fuel line away from the ...

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Questions our customers have asked...

Hi Z1, I am exploring some options to correct the lateral G fuel starvation issue in my TT 350Z. With regard to this product, I am wondering where you are getting power from for the in-tank fuel pump you are using. Are you using a relay, or is it always on? What brand of pump comes with the kit (Holley, as well?) and is it low pressure? Thanks

Response: On NA cars we use power in parallel from the in tank pump. If you are running a boosted car with higher demands for current (upgraded pump or return system with higher pressure) we would advise setting up a dedicated source voltage on it's own relay. You can still trigger the relay from the pump but for the wires sake it will be best to get an additional circuit to support the work load. We hope this helps answer your question, if not please give us a call. Regards, The Z1 Team

How hard is this to install? And do you recommend upgrading the fuel pump when installing this?

Response: This kit takes a few hours to install cleanly. We would recommend picking up a new pair of tank bulkhead o rings to replace while you are in there. Available here. (Link)