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The ENEOS *Oil Change Bundle* is an assembly of some of the highest quality oil change components for your VR30 powered Q50 or Q60.

ENEOS SUSTINA Fully Synthetic Premium Motor Oil is high performance motor oil formulated from JX Nippon Oil & Energy’s proprietary W BASE technology, producing extremely high VI (viscosity index) synthetic base oil that maintains a very stable oil viscosity over a wide temperature range. This technology allows ENEOS SUSTINA to remain very fluid at cold temperatures, reducing internal engine drag and improving fuel economy up to 2% compared to currently available fuel conserving GF-4 and GF-5 oils of the same viscosity.ENEOS SUSTINA also utilizes the sulfur-free characteristics of ZP additive chemistry, reducing the formation of detergent destroying sulfuric acid, keeping your engine cleaner and running longer.

Optional Filters:

OEM Nissan

OEM Nissan Oil Filters offer unmatched protection on light and moderate duty vehicles, removing dirt and other harmful particulates that can cause increased wear on internal engine components. OEM Filters incorporate safety features such as a bypass valve to prevent loss (or restriction) of oil flow in the event that an oil filter clogs, and an anti-drainback valve that prevents oil from draining out of the filter back to the engine when not running. 


NISMO, or Nissan Motorsports International, has developed a special filter specific for their VQ/VR series engines offering a smaller micron filtration size with greater flow and less oil pressure drop.  Combined with the 100% synthetic ENEOS 0w20 Sythnetic Motor Oil, the NISMO Oil Filter will keep you engine's lubricating system clean of debris while the oil itself will ensure that ultimate lubrication is provided to your engine's essential components.

Each Eneos oil change kit comes with the following:
- QTY 5 - 1qt ENEOS Sustina Motor Oil 0w20 bottle
- QTY 1 - NISMO Oil Filter or OEM Oil Filter (Optional Below)
- QTY 1 - OEM Nissan Copper Oil Drain Crush Washer
Please note:
Additional quarts of Eneos Motor Oil can be purchased if necessary depending on add-ons such as oil pan spacers, turbo kits and/or oil coolers.

Available Options:

Oil Filter Type:

Additional Quarts:


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