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NISMO Competition Motor Oil 15W-50

The NISMO 75w140 Competition Oil (type 2189E) delivers the same dynamic viscosity as a 190 grade oil while providing a base grade of 75W. It is an ester compound, 100% synthetic oil with outstanding low temperature properties. An oil with a viscosity (or hyper-viscosity) of 190 has greater resistance to stirring and this raises oil temperature. But at the same time without hyper viscosity, the maintaining of film strength at high temperatures is impossible. The basic development concept for Typ 2189E (75w140) competition oil was to keep the benefits of hyper-viscosity wile seeking to diminish resistance to stirring.

Superior Dynamic Viscosity

Because this oil's internal friction does not vary greatly with changes in temperature, LSD operation will remain stable. Even when racing, the driver should feel no change in performance. 75w140 Competition Oil has also shown excellent plate anti-judder (chatter) properties.

Performance Testing:

Performance with a Nissan GT-R road test carried out by Nissan on the Nurburgring track clearly demonstrates the stabilizing effect of the 75w-140 Competition Oil on LSD operation. Drivers reported specifically that ''the chattering of the LSD was reduced''. From the outset of their development of the Competition Motor Oils, NISMO and MOTUL have both run test course and racing circuit tests on their samples, using current benchmark oils as controls. In order to check for stick-slip chattering, sample oils were brought up to 150*C where their lubrication properties are lost.

NISMO and MOTUL have modeled their evaluation tests to recreate every aspect of the high-load environment in which the oil will be used. In one test series, lubricant testing equipment borrowed from one of the iron manufacturing businesses was used to evaluate lubrication properties at temperatures up to 230*C. This extreme testing method opened the way to achieving greater stability for dynamic viscosity. Not only were development targets reached but a rich fund of information for future development was accumulated.

Starting with 100% synthetic oil, MOTUL uses its know-how in mixing esters and nitrogen additives. The result is an oil whose viscosity rivals 190 grade oil while retaining excellent flow at cold-start. Its dynamic viscosity is superlative for stable performance.

Sold in Quantities of 1L

  • Oil Weight: 75W-140
  • Base Oil: 100% Synthetic Oil With Ester
  • This oil is specified for the NISMO GT LSD Series.

Kinematic Viscosity (mm2/s)

  • @40°C: 199.7
  • @100°C: 29.7

Viscosity Index

  • 180

Pour Point (°C)

  • -48 Or Below

Density (g/cm3)

  • 0.876

Since 2003, Nismo and MOTUL have continued partnerships in the motorsports world, and have contributed to many victories by developing optimal dedicated oils in each category. Under such a strong partnership, the full motorsports oil developed jointly by Nismo and MOTUL is known as the 'Competition Oil' series.

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