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Z1 370Z Supercharger Tuner Kit


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Z1 370Z Supercharger Tuner Kit

Fits models: 370Z...

Product Description

Z1's 370Z supercharger kit provides the highest level of performance out of any Z1 product in our VHR catalog. By combining the Rotrex C38R supercharger with Z1's immense engineering resources, we were able to produce a kit that provides considerable amounts of power while still being user-friendly and easy to install.

Our Tuner Kit is a complete system designed for DIY'ers looking for a bolt-on supercharger while still sourcing their own fuel system and tuning.  In the product options, you can select from multiple pulley sizes, providing power gains up to 300hp over stock with other supporting modifications. For those looking for a complete system that includes fuel and tuning, our complete supercharger kit can be purchased at the link below.

Available pulleys:

  • 110mm, 6PSI, 450hp
  • 100mm, 8PSI, 500hp
  • 90mm, 11PSI, 550hp
  • 80mm, 14PSI, 600hp+


In 2021, we started developing the Z1 Supercharger Kit to increase power for both street and track use. We opted for a supercharger because of its predictable and responsive power delivery, however, we didn't stop at power alone. Our goal was to create a kit that could be easily installed by beginner enthusiasts and had the top-notch quality you'd expect from a high-end supercharger. We achieved this by maintaining strict standards throughout the design and production stages.

The supercharger brackets are precision machined from 6061 billet aluminum, finished with a black hard anodize. All pulleys are machined from 304 stainless steel while idler and tensioner pulleys ride on dual sealed bearings rated at higher speeds than they will ever see. These premium materials ensure that the kit will hold up to corrosion and engine-bay grime for years to come. Socket head bolts are recessed into brackets to provide a seamless finish while charge piping is made from mandrel-bent aluminum pipe and finished with a low-gloss black anodize. Multi-ply reinforced silicone couplers attach charge piping and ensure long service life. A custom-designed intercooler with mounting brackets is included and provides a true bolt-on solution with no fabrication needed.

A filtered intake is included to provide maximum filtration and retain the blower warranty through Rotrex. Wire-reinforced silicone tubing is utilized to locate the large media filter forward of the core support, drawing cooler air from outside the engine bay.


When we say boost for the masses, we mean it. Ease of installation has been a top priority since the beginning, and Z1 has taken the first steps for you.

The blower arrives to you assembled to the bracket, clocked in the correct orientation, and with the drive belt pre-tensioned. The installation process requires the removal of only the front bumper and front fender liners. It’s jack-stand friendly using standard hand tools. A lift is not required or even necessary. Modification to the car is minimal and OEM items such as windshield washer reservoir and horn are unaffected by the installation. A complete installation guide is included and can be previewed before purchase HERE. Custom fluid reservoirs are included as well as hoses, vehicle-specific brackets, and all necessary hardware.

After installation, tuning is required. Z1 offers tuning support through our Level 3 Supercharger Tune program. This can be purchased alongside the supercharger or after installation.


Rotrex superchargers were chosen due to their exceptional reputation, quiet operation, and proven reliability. Z1's engineering team worked diligently with the professionals at Rotrex to produce a kit that made best use of their supercharger and ensured that it complied with their strict standards. Consistent communication and feedback from their engineering team produced a complete kit that retains Rotrex's 1-year warranty. The C38R, the biggest baddest blower in their lineup, is used in all levels of our Z1 VHR Supercharger setups. Whether you're looking for 450 or over 600hp, the C38R provides. All kits that use this supercharger can be configured for different power levels by simply changing the pulley, belt, and tune.

The supercharger features an integrated oil pump that works as a dry sump scavenging pump in addition to being the oil supply pump. A 13-row Z1 Pro-Cooler Oil Cooler Core and associated oil lines are provided to maintain stable temperatures in the supercharger oiling system. A custom billet oil reservoir and 1L of Rotrex traction fluid are also supplied.


  • Rotrex C38R Supercharger
  • Billet Supercharger Brackets
  • Complete Traction Fluid System
  • Z1 Bash Bar
  • Z1 Direct-Fit Intercooler
  • Billet Coolant Expansion Tank
  • Installation Hardware
  • 370Z Supercharger Installation Guide
  • Filtered Intake
  • Turbosmart Race Port BOV


  • Complete DIY Kit - Jack Stand Friendly!
  • Designed in partnership with Rotrex
  • Custom Application Specific Intercooler
  • Retains All Factory Vehicle Features (Washer fluid reservoir, horn, etc)
  • Performs best with filtered intake
  • Low Maintenance - 2 Year, 50,000 mile fluid intervals
  • Retains original Rotrex Warranty
  • Gains up to 100-300hp over stock
  • Upgradable for higher levels of performance

Z1 recommends speed density tuning on forced induction applications. In order to do this, an OMNI 4 Bar Map Sensor is required. This sensor is not included as part of our tuner kit and must be purchased separately.

It is also highly recommended that a performance oil cooler kit be installed to maintain stable oil temperatures. Even naturally aspirated VQ37's suffer from unusually high oil temperatures, and this problem is only exacerbated with forced induction.


  • 2009-2020 Nissan 370Z

Available Options:

Please review the product description if you are unsure about any of the options below.

Pulley Type:


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List Price: $6,499.99
Special Price: $5,999.99
You Save: $500.00 (8%)

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