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The Nismo GT LSD is a 1.5 way (upgradeable to 2 way) limited slip differential designed to provide maximum traction that is most often lost in hard off-the-line acceleration. The unit will sense when one wheel starts losing traction due to track/road conditions, hard cornering, and/or torque steer. Once it detects the slippage, it will compensate by shuffling the power from side to side to overcome the loss of traction. This translates into better track or quarter mile times, and more efficient use of the engines power. The LSD is adjustable in 60%, 80%, and 100% lockup mode. This LSD is VDC compatible (although you will have to turn VCD off to enjoy the full benefits). The Nismo GT LSD is a full install kit, including everything shown, and is perfect for the base model adding an LSD or those of you upgrading your VLSD for a more powerful LSD.

20 large-diameter plates

Increasing the number of plates to 20 makes the shift from slip to lock dramatically smoother. The diameter of the plates themselves, which are the actual slipping faces of the LSD, was augmented 55% over existing models. The result is a decreased load on each sliding face for a 30% gain in durability.

Plate tooth design : the greatest tooth surface for the highest power efficiency

The plates have 16 outside teeth which pick up the power input from the engine and eight interior teeth handle input from the road. The case and side gear, which catch and hold the plate gears, have been set with ultimate precision, giving you a large-diameter-plate LSD that completely controls slip judder. You will get stable, smooth, effective power and improved durability.

Special treatment for highest-quality plates

A special heat treatment developed exclusively by NISMO is applied to all of the plate surfaces. This finish eliminates catching during slippage and ensures a smooth, linear operation. It keeps the plates working in harmony when they are first broken in, guarding against plate scorching as well as any loss of initial torque.

High level of control

The GT L.S.D. brings you more than just strength and efficiency. It also reduces power loss from occurring during time trials and provides the solid traction needed to attain higher cornering speeds. All of this will give you better angle control when drifting.

Whats included?:

  • 1x Nismo GT 1.5 Way LSD Unit
  • 1x 2 Liter Nismo Veruspeed Synthetic Oil
  • 1x OEM Differential Cover gasket 
  • 2x OEM Differential Side Bearings
  • 2x OEM Differential Stub Axle Seals
  • 2x OEM Stub Axles L+R
  • 1x General Installation Guide and Nismo Authenticity Certificate
  • Made in Japan

Installation Note:

Included Stub Axles are the non-threaded (nut & bolt) type. If your 370Z uses threaded factory stub axles you will need to purchase stub axle hardware separate. 


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Questions our customers have asked...

Will this fit my 2004 G35 auto with the VLSD

Response: No it will not work with your automatic gearset. You would need to upgrade to a "manual ratio" to use in your car. More information on compatible "Manual" ratios can be found here (Link)