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Z1 350Z / G35 Fully Built & Complete R200 Differential, Z1 Motorsports

Z1's Fully Built Differential Upgrade is a complete R200 differential custom tailored and assembled to your specifications.  Select a Gear Ratio, Differential Type, Bushing Type, and Fluid Type that best fit your needs.  Choose to pay the refundable core charge to avoid downtime or send your rebuild-able differential core first, and we will ship your custom built differential sealed up with the Z1 High Capacity Differential Cover complete with stub axles and ready to bolt into your Z or G.  Just install with the included bushings, add fluid, and enjoy!

1. Differential

We offer a variety of different options for the differential itself. From the stock "Open" or VLSD to more advanced "Torsen" or Clutch Type LSD, you choose the level of grip. 

Available differentials: 

  • Used Factory "Open" Non LSD 
  • Used Factory "Open" Welded 
  • Used Factory Viscous LSD 
  • Quaife ATB Differential 
  • Tomei Technical Trax
  • Wavetrac Differential
  • Nismo GT Pro
  • OS Giken

Open Differentials are the least effective at putting power to the ground. Only one wheel spins.

Welded Diffs lock the open differential so that both wheels turn all the time. Not the best solution for auto cross or road courses but is suitable for drifting and drag racing. 

Viscous Limited Slip Differentials have an internal fluid filled coupler that applies more torque to the slower spinning wheel. Meaning when one wheel spins, power is transferred to the other wheel. These are great for most applications but can lose functionality in higher demand situations.

Quaife, Wavetrac Automatic Torque Biasing "Torsen" Type Differentials are purely mechanical units made of helical gears. These gears control the transfer of the torque more precisely than Viscous couplings by not allowing either wheel to slip before transferring torque.

Tomei, Nismo, Cusco & OS Giken Clutch Type Differentials use friction plades and friction discs (clutches) to transfer power to the rear wheels with a cam proportioning the torque applied to each wheel. Far more precise than the Viscous coupling, rebuildable, and often times adjustable although noisey in operation. Also available in 1.5 or 2 Way configurations.

  • 1.5 Way - Applies more "lock" under accelleration and less under decelleration for more natural handling characteristics. 
  • 2 Way - Applies a similar "lock" under both accelleration and decelleration leading to more control via the throttle.     

2. Final Drive Gear Set

We offer new or used Nissan OEM final drive ring and pinion gear sets in 3.3, 3.54, 3.69, 3.9, 4.08, and 4.36 ratios. The higher the ratio will increase acceleration, the lower will increase top speed. Changing the Gear Ratio will affect cruise speed RPM and fuel mileage.

If you are unsure of your current gear ratio, please take a look at our R200 Gear Ratio Chart found HERE.

Z1 Motorsports' experienced mechanics install these gear sets, properly setting bearing pre load / gear mesh back to factory specs, ensuring excessive noise or overall failure will not result from improper installation. 

3. All New OE Differential Bearings & Seals

Includes all New OEM Nissan Differential Bearings and Seals:

  • 2 X Nissan OEM Differential Side Carrier Bearings
  • 2 X Nissan OEM Differential Side Oil Seals
  • 1 X Nissan OEM Inner "Rear" Pinion Gear Bearing
  • 1 X Nissan OEM Pinion Crush Sleeve
  • 1 X Nissan OEM Outer "Front" Pinion Gear Bearing
  • 1 X Nissan OEM Pinion Oil Seal

4. Differential Cover, Fluid, and Bushings

With the Z1 Fully Built Differential you have chosen Gear Ratio, Differential, Bushings, Fluid, and the Z1 High Capacity Differential Cover. We even seal the case so all you need to do is fill with fluid after installation and enjoy your new differential. (Break-In procedure may be required depending on differential selection)

When the stock rear differential bushing fails you often end up with a lot of slop and even clunking in the rear end. By upgrading to the urethane bushings you stiffen up the rear end to handle harder launches and smoother shifts. Plus with the upgraded fluid you don't have to worry about oil breakdown at higher temperatures.

Includes your choice of the following:

  • Z1, Energy Suspension, Whiteline, or SPL Front and Rear Differential Bushings  (ES Bushings include Z1's Replacement Bushing Sleeve)
  • 3 Liters of Red Line or Motul 75w90 or Motul 75w140 Differential Fluid (Some differentials come with fluid which will be substituted for your selection)

Please select from the options below.  Need help or advice?  Give us a call at 770-838-7777.

Please note: We rebuild your differential core so all parts must be intact and present when your core is received. Your differential core must be assembled with all parts in good condition to receive full credit.


Available Options:

Core Charge:

Fluid Type:

Gear Ratio:

Bushing Type:

Differential Type:


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Questions our customers have asked...

This has to be assembled before it ships out right? So how long would it take before it would ship out?

Response: They do come completed and built. Lead time would depend on the options you selected.