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I bought cheap test pipes before this and that was a big mistake as they broke about 2 weeks later. So I ordered Z1 test pipes instead and MAN are they worth it. The quality and fitment is amazing. I had zero problems installing them as they aligned up to my y-pipe perfectly and my favorite thing was they mounted to stock bracket for support which results in 0 rattling unlike my old cheap ones. 100% recommend them. Price is great along with the quality. Love Z1 products!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by James Houghaboom

The test pipes themselves look very well made. I was very impressed by the tig welds. The hardware fits perfect and new exhaust gaskets where included. I opted in for the o2 sensor bung extentions and a manifold gasket.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Nicholas Rittenhouse

I received my order fast. I did have a little trouble getting them to line up with my Motoos y pipe but over all I love them. They are very loud. They give my car that deep quality Infiniti sound that can be heard a couple blocks away. I Definitely recommend these

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Phillip Turner

The Quality is awesome as most of your products are. The pipes help make the sound more distinct. I was pleasantly suprised that the flange gaskets to the header were included as the description say to reuse old gaskets and picture of the product doesnt show the gaskets as included.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Geoff Whitney

I got the street CAI from z1, and was VERY happy with the butt dyno results and the deeper tone, so I figured might as well try out their test pipes. Under normal throttle and keeping the revs under 2k, the exhaust only has a slight deeper tone, but once you get over 2k rpm and give it some gas, it really opens up. WOT is insane, best 200 dollars ive ever spent

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Isaac Alvarez

Have these paired with ISR’s blast pipes. Beautiful sound. Nice sound under 3k, perfect for driving around town and being just the right amount of obnoxious and powerful. Above 3k absolutely screams. Embrace the rasp!!!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Noah Tremblay
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