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I've driven roughly 1500 miles on the mild performance and standard full face clutch now, and all of the problems I was having have been eliminated. No chatter, smooth and progressive feel, and seems pretty solid. Install was much easier than any clutch I've ever done before, but then again, PB blaster makes things come apart much easier ;) I initially lined up the flywheel wrong, and it was off by one hole, so I had to tear it apart and put it back together again. I have no complaints, and am looking forward to hitting the autoX courses this summer. I've already recommended this setup to the guys over at 6MT forums for guys looking for a relatively OE (albeit a little stiffer) feel fit for daily drivers.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Thomas Johnson

Ordered this kit since mine was going out. They called me and upgraded my flywheel since they ran out of the z1 flywheel, great customer service! I got my kit in today and no stainless steel clutch line, I called without a complaint, abd they do the right thing and send it out asap. Great people, I will keep shopping here for everything that my z needs, thank you z1!!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Diego Ruiz

Went with the mild performance and standard full face disc option and it's working great. Honestly, I think this kit is much better over the oem clutch and flywheel set up. My Z doesn't see any track days, but only a hard pull or launch once in a while, as my Z is my daily for the most part. So I didn't see the need to go extra heavy duty. Clutch feels super soft, almost like a civic clutch, which I do have grown to like and have gotten quickly used too already. Lightened Flywheel translates to a noticeably faster revving motor. Put the flywheel on a scale and weighed in at around 15 lbs, while the stock flywheel felt like it weighed a ton. Clutch line eliminates any possibility for a mushy pedal feel. While at the same time, reducing overall weight from the drive train. Great quality products at a great price. +1 for Z1 !!! :)

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Christian Nunes

I just recently got this combo (Mild Clutch/Standard Full Face disc /and Z1 Midweight flywheel). My mechanic installed this alongside with replacing the master and slave cylinder. I was shocked how well this product feels. My mechanic said everything fit in just perfectly. Everything came with the kit and I did not need to buy any other parts. In terms of performance, I'm really happy with how well the clutch engages. My engine revs so much better and accelerating off the line just feels so much more direct. I've not been too big a fan of driving other cars before with really light flywheels due to the chatter soI definitely decided to stick with the midweight flywheel. I could not be happier with this product. This setup definitely feels good for daily driving.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Fredric Mora

Just installed my new clutch assembly & solid mass flywheel. I ordered it on Sunday and received confirmation on Monday and it was delivered Thursday . Excellent price a real bang for your buck. Nissan wanted $1,800 just for the parts. I still want to replace my clutch master & slave. I already had the steel braided line but, I will install it when I replace the hydraulic system. It did NOT come with new bolts unfortunately but no biggy. Another issue with replacing the clutch in the G35 is that the drive shafts does not have any motion to it to lube the needle bearings in the U-joints. I may have to turn it 180 to get it back to where it was. I got a little vibration it is NOT from the kit. It happens at high speed like 70-80mph. I'm thinking the u-joints cause they were sticky. Anyway great product I always go to Z1 Motor Sports for the best deals around. I bought a clutch 7 years ago for $300ish. Unfortunately everything has gone up in price since then. Great product reputable products, greats prices. I would highly recommend that anyone use Z1 Motor Sports for their parts needs all. And if you are reading this and need a clutch assembly i.e. clutch, press.plate, bearing,bushing,braided line &solid mass flywheel for a 2005ish Infiniti G35 this kit it is the best one you will find for the price. Exedy parts and Z1 flywheel. Or you can upgrade any of the parts to an even higher performance model. But, for a better that stock option go with the base.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by David Brockway

I had the stock clutch and flywheel before this kit and I love the difference. I got the mild performance with excedy lightweight flywheel and the only CON to this kit is the flywheel chatter with the excedy flywheel. If you don't want to hear the flywheel chatter at idle consider getting the mid weight or Z1 lightweight which was sold out when I bought it. Smooth as butter now. 5/5

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Alejandro Gonzalez
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