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Excellent quality control arms. Everything bolts up perfectly with problems and gives plenty of adjustment. I bought the "Race" version but despite that there's no appreciable increase in noise in the cabin. What you do get is a much more responsive front end. The bushings on my car were totally blown out and these arms really indicated to me how much they were deflecting under load. The slight increase in positive caster was a welcome design feature as it adds a bit of "weight" to the steering giving a more positive and communicative feeling. All in all awesome stuff. I look forward to getting the full complement of Z1 control arms in the future.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Lance Danley

Fantastic upgrade from the oem arms. I chose the "Street Version" due to my driving habits. 80%daily 20% track. I purchased this set about 15k ago on my 03'trefiddy. Perfect for daily driving, with some track abuse on the weekends and they have held up over 12 events. Enables the user to adjust camber, along with slight caster. The arms are made of thick steel to uphold the abuse you throw at it. With the no slip feature, unlike other brands, I can set my camber to where I want it with no worries about it going out of alignment. Has grease-zerts to help maintain the bushings life span. The only downfall to these is that you must use white lithium grease to the heim joints every 3-4 months or you'll get some suspension noise which is noticable in the cockpit. But a few sprays to each heim joint, and it goes away. Otherwise, PURCHASE THESE if your a bang-for-the-buck kind of person that wants the most cost-efficient upgrades to his/her Fairladyz. Definitely recommend to other users looking to upgrade from their oem set.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by David Anderson

I installed these on my infinity over the weekend then drove it to work and it corners better. I have about a 14 mile drive down a curvy mountain road and the ride is funer with the adjustable uppers.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Jasmine Gonzalez

I just wanna say thank you for making such a great affordable upper control arm. I was about to get everything up to spec. No need to worry about camber issues or caster. The car turns and feels better. The alignment shop did say it was a little challenging to adjusted but really loved the design! I recommend the race version.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Saul Benitez

I purchased the Z1 street FUCAs. Here are two things I wish I would have known before purchasing: 1) the bushings need to be lubed. I installed these according to the instructions provided and I didn’t see any mention of lube in the instructions. They squeak like crazy now. 2) adjusting these might be complicated for the alignment shop because the ball joint needs to be removed from the knuckle in order to make adjustments. It’s not incredibly hard but does require more work than others. Despite that, these FUCAs are an incredible value at this price. I would still recommend these for anyone not wanting to spend 3-4 times for SPL.

Rated starstarstarstarstar_border by Humberto Garcia
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