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If you look at this cup and think "well that's just another white and black cup" you're wrong. This isn't just any other cup, it's a ZDAYZ cup. Now if you're reading this and that term has no special significance to you that's okay, this cup just isn't for you. If you're a true Z enthusiast and like to party hard than this cup might as well have your name written on it in big bright red ink.

The 2019 ZDAYZ Deck Party Cup is a precious commodity meant to serve as a life-long reminder of the shenanigans that took place in Fontana Village in 2019. 

If you weren't able to make it this year, we understand. Some of you have jobs, children, or cats that require attention and that's okay! You didn't have to attend ZDAYZ to acquire one of these wonderful drink receptacles, for a LIMITED TIME 2019 'Panda' theme cup will be available on the Z1 website! Don't bother trying to find it on eBay or Amazon, this bad boy is a Z1 exclusive.

Random Panda fact: While their diets primarily consist of earth grown foods like bamboo and fruit, Panda's are actually ferocious carnivorous monsters with claws and teeth sharp enough to turn you into minced meat. Don't believe us? Click HERE to read more!

**Note: To ensure a long service life, Z1 only recommends use with approved beverages.

Solo drinking is never fun, buy a a set of 20 available in the options below and build your own ZDAYZ regulation pong table, sure to be the envy of your friends!

BONUS EXTRA: For a limited time, choose to add a Z1 ZDAYZ Koozie using the options below!

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