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I got these motor mounts installed on my car and these mounts stiffens up the front chassis of the car. With the solid motor mounts and the z1 polyurethane transmission mounts on the z, it's made the clutch easier to modulate when I get the car moving from a stop in 1st gear and I can easily rev-match the car when I'm downshifting. While the motor mount increased the interior noise, there is very little vibration inside the car. I high recommend these motor mounts for hardcore drivers.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Brandon Johnson

I recently purchased these motor mounts and the solid trans mount as well, and i must say that I really like the craftsmen ship and how sturdy and lightweight they are compared to the stock mounts. These went in nice and smoothly provided that i already had the headers off so making access to the top bolt was a breeze. Even if you don't have the headers off you can still get to it from underneath. The whole install plus trans took less than an 1.5 hours, including union beverage drink. And after install I took it out for a spin around the block and what a difference it makes in the way it handles and especially on how it shifts. Its so much more firm and alive. Yes there will be a noticeable vibration in the gear linkage but that is to be expected with solid mounts. It really makes the whole care feel better and more ridged while being a daily and or under racing conditions. I do not mind the added vibrations it makes me feel the car more to either tell when something is wrong or things are not what they should be. I daily drive my G35 and i do not mind the added vibs, There is really no more noticeable cabin noise either. But this is a definite must if you want more rigidity and sturdiness within your car.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Collin Bryant

Of coarse lots of vibration... However feels amazingly rigid. Better cornering probably due to no shift in the engine weight. Also throttle seems a lot more responsive with direct connection to torque line. Overall great investment. I would not recommend for Daily Driver unless like me and dont care about comfort.

Rated starstarstarstarstar_border by CURTIS NAGEL
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