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This tool worked great i actually used this tool for the 350z even though it was designed for the 370z. I had to use the sleeve on the opposite side of the subframe where the differential went because it was hitting the trunk. Definitely recommend trying to get 2 32mm deep sockets and a really long breaker bar for the outer sleeve of the bushing I needed one other person to help remove it with a breaker bar and it was still pretty tough to remove but overall the tool did what it said it would and definitely recommend.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Michael Giovanniello

100% worth the money. Would recommend doing work on a lift to allow for more leverage on a breaker bar or long ratchet, but I easily managed the bushing removal on the floor in my garage on jackstands.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Christopher Thorson

I was installing a new OS Giken rear differential and wanted to replace the damaged OEM rear differential bushing at the same time. This tool and associated hardware mad this job incredibly easy, worked exactly as the instructions said it would. Used the small plate to rip the guts of the old bushing out, I was actually surprised that the entire bushing came out on one shot leaving only the outer metal collar. Swapped to the larger plate and it aligned perfectly with the sleeve with just enough clearance to not damage the AL sub-frame. It required more effort on the breaker bar to get the sleeve out of the sub-frame however in was out in 10 minutes tops. I definitely recommend this tool if you intend on replacing the rear differential sub-frame bushing as it made this job incredibly simple. From reading the instructions to completing bushing removal it may have taken 30 minutes.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Brian John

This tool works as advertised in getting the old bushing and collar out. This job is a pain no matter what. Working on the garage floor makes this much harder as you can't get a large breaker bar on the tool to pry on. Definitely recommend you use a lift for this job. By the way the larger nut is massive and will require abnormal sized socket.

Rated starstarstarstarstar_border by Michael Cantrell

Bushing tool works for the guts and getting part of the OEM shell out, ended up just going with torch and cutting tool and impact with bushing tool to slide rest of it out on my car. Bushing been dead for some time. On another note did this again with friends Z bushing and shell came out no problem still good bushing compared to mine and yes really juicy those OEM bushing.

Rated starstarstarstar_borderstar_border by Joshua cha

This tool did not help me out. I still just ended up having to cut out the old bushing.

Rated starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border by Devante Lynch
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