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The customer service was awesome. The quality of the cat back single exit was awesome. The install was very straight forward and easy to assemble. It came with 3 extra gaskets/nuts and bolts too. Very impressed with the performance difference. Definitely looking forward to continue shopping with Z1 Motorsports! Thanks for the great products!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Dylan Meek

Customer service was great, the exhaust sounds lit and with the tune, the flames are crazy! Definitely coming back soon for any needs.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Christopher Rahim

Wow! What a difference this exhaust is from my eBay HKS replica. The Y pipe is quality made with multiple band type clamps that allow for exhaust adjustment. Also there is an additional bung that will allow for an extra sensor if you so choose. Initially after installing this exhaust there was a rattle and it was this bung plug that wasn't tightened all the way so make sure you do that. This exhaust gives the car a noticeable kick but stays quiet while under 4K. I'd imagine this 3" will handle just about any power output your Z or G will throw down. Very distinguished sound, mated with motordynes ART pipoes and I have absolutely no rasp only beautiful revs with Z1's lightweight flywheel! Absolute recommendation, beats my $250 ebay exhaust like a drunk tailor trash wife beater wearing POS does to a $20 hooker. A+

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Jeffery Donald
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