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Z1 Z32 5sp EFI Wiring Harness NA & TT

Due to the age of our cars and high heat conditions under the hood, the original connectors and wiring on the engine wiring harness tend to break to pieces and cause all sorts of issues including hesitation, running on less than 6 cylinders, and even stalling. We usually suggest taking the opportunity to change this harness if the engine is out of the car on any Z32 with over 100,000 miles.

As our cars age, Original Equipment Nissan parts are being discontinued making a proper high quality harness difficult to find. Thorough examination of the OE harness and electrical system on a component basis led to our approach. After testing and inspecting the few options available on the market, finding common shortcomings, "issues" and failure points we decided that a no compromise approach was the solution. We set forth an extensive list of design goals and product requirements; we believe it has led us to nothing short of the best part available for this application.


One of the most important components on a 300ZX's wiring harness is the connectors. Over time these connectors become brittle from age and exposure to high temperatures. We have elected to use only the highest quality OE grade Sumitomo connectors to ensure a proper connection to all critical underhood electrical parts and long service life. Critical connectors are front and rear weather sealed preventing corrosion from exposure to moisture.

Weather sealed connections: To extend the longevity of the harness we have chosen to utilize the most up to date weather pack early style connectors like Injector, Coolant Temp, Idle & Fast Idle, EGR, PRVR, TPS, MAF & CAS.

New style JECs style connectors maintain the oem function and fit for weather seals and internal terminal locks for New Style Injectors, Crank Angle, PTU.

No tentacle monster harness here. Our harnesses feature a clean install with no extra apendages for duplicate application like crank angle style connection or injector harnesses hangin off in the engine bay. 

ECU Connector

Connectivity is core to seamless power, signal and data for vehicles. Z1 uses high quality Tyco ECU connectors to ensure solid connection between ECU and EFI harness while also providing reliable performance in harsh environments, such as extreme temperature variations and vibrations. This connector features a replacable ECU bolt which means throughout the many years you own your Z, if the included bolt ever breaks, like some factory aged bolts do, you can replace just the bolt without having to remove or replace the EFI harness.

In an effort to minimize faliure points or voltage drops against connections, Z1 has opted to build the EFI harness with direct connections from ECU to the injector terminals without using a cost cutting patch harness. Because of this, there is no potential for faliure or line interuption between ECU and injectors. This is identical to how Nissan developed the original factory harness. Rather than minimizing our inventory investment like many others, Z1 has determined that potentially sacrificing injector performance, consistency, and safety of the engine is not worth seperating the injector harness.


Z1 also recommends replacement of the following harnesses when replacing the EFI Harness. These two optional harnesses are critical for proper operation and suffer from the same faliures as the EFI harness.


  • Late model Switched Power Injector Configuration 
  • Support For Factory Boost Control Solenoids
  • Current OEM Sumitomo Connectors
    • Front and Rear Weather sealed
  • High Quality ECU Connector
    • With Replaceable Bolt
  • Includes OE Type Stays for Factory Harness Clips
  • Discreet Harness Tags
  • High Quality Firewall Boot & Thermal Barriers
  • Single Core Shielded Wire for ALL Signal Wire
  • OEM Wiring Crimps & Heat Shrinked Splices 
  • PTU-Relocation Standard
    • New Style PTU Support ONLY
  • 50 State Legal! EGR Temperature Sensor Supported


  • 1990-1995 Nissan 300ZX 5 Speed Manual Transmission Models
    • Non-Turbo
    • Twin-Turbo

Available in the following configurations:

  • New Style: With New Style CAS, Injector
  • Old Style : With Old Style CAS, Injector
  • Hybrid: With Old Style CAS, New Style Injector

Currently Available for Factory 5 Speed Models Only - Underhood Fuse Panel Connections sre not the same for Automatic models. This harness will NOT work on Automatic or 5-Speed Manual conversion cars.


Available Options:




$548.00 $468.00

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