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Z1 Motorsports 370Z/G37/G35** Oil Cooler Kit for all '09+ Nissan 370Z, '08+ Infiniti G37 and '07-'08 Infiniti G35 Sedan models (will fit NISMO Models*** & Turbo Charged/Super Charged equipped Z's)

***Please note: 2015 NISMO models have additional bracing in the front of the vehicle that hinders the installation of 19 and 25 row oil cooler cores. If you have a 2015 NISMO 370Z you will need to purchase the 34 row core.

Designed with the highest quality products available to provide efficient cooling, trouble free usage, and simple installation.  The Z1 Motorsports Oil Cooler Kit comes complete with all necessary components.

The Z1 Motorsports Oil Cooler Kit features the following components standard:

  • 1x     19 Row Oil Cooler Core (Mocal Standard; Additional sizes and Setrab available)
  • 1x     Z1 -10 AN SS Oil Cooler Line Set (Optional protective sleeving available pre-installed) 
  • 1x     Mocal Sandwich Adapter (Non-Thermostatic Standard; Optional Thermostatic model available)
  • 1x     Setrab Oil Cooler Lower Mount
  • 1x     Z1 Motorsports Oil Cooler Upper Mount
  • 1x     Z1 Motorsports 370Z Oil Cooler Install Hardware Kit
  • 1x     Z1 Motorsports 370Z Oil Cooler Installation Instructions
  • 2x     Setrab (-10 AN to 22mm Port) adapter fittings (Cooler)
  • 2x     Mocal (-10 AN to 22mm Port) adapter fittings (Sandwich adapter)
  • 2x     13/16" Rubber Seal (Sandwich Adapter)
  • 1x        Power Steering Hose Spacer

Z1 Motorsports Oil Coolers now come standard with Mocal cores with the option to upgrade to Setrab. MOCAL Oil Control Systems is a leader in the oil cooler market providing highly efficient cores to all facets of automotive performance.

Unlike our various competitors' oil cooler packages, Z1 Motorsports has addressed the various issues with all current oil cooler kits on the market and has created an oil cooler kit the brings the best of them all to one kit.  Here are a few key comparisons between the Z1 Motorsports Oil Cooler Kit and our...competitors.

  1. The Oil Lines - The Z1 Motorsports kit uses fully braided stainless steel -10 AN (5/8") line, offering both increased oil capacity and higher flow volumes. 
  2. No Special Tools or Skills Required - There is no need for special install tools or additional parts.  The lines come preassembled, ready for installation. The included hardware kit includes all fasteners, etc. (Sedan G37 models will require minor fitness massages which are outlined in our install manual)
  3. Uses OEM Style Oil Filter - You retain your OE Nissan Oil Filter.  This means there will not be any confusion when you go to do your next oil change. 
  4. Freedom to Choose - Unlike other kits, we let YOU choose the kit you need.  You can custom build you kit depending on your driving style, needs and budget.
  5. Tech Support/ Install Instructions - Each kit comes complete with the necessary, easy to use, step-by-step installation instructions (which can also be found online on our website).
  6. Protective Line Wrapping - Available pre-installed, this wrapping prevents damage to both the line and the chassis as a result of rubbing against one another.  This shielding is form fitting and requires no maintenance or zip ties.

Individual Component Descriptions:

At the heart of this package is a Setrab oil cooler core in your choice of 19 row, 25 row, or 34 row sizes.  The Setrab 6 series core is well known in many racing applications and features the following benefits:

  • Rugged Construction, designed for racing and able to withstand vibration
  • Light weight design
  • Low pressure drop across the cooler core

-10 AN braided stainless steel hoses and anodized aluminum fittings are included along with a Mocal oil cooler sandwich adapter.  Cooler mounting hardware, rubber lined adel clamps, hose sleeve, and plastic ties are also included. 

Core dimensions below:

19 Row  (13" x 1 1/4" x 5 1/3") -- Recommended for most light street applications or applications in colder climates where less cooling is required. 

25 Row  (13" x 1 1/4" x 7 1/2") -- Recommended for more intense applications where occasional track use will be seen, also for more moderate climates. 

34 Row (13" x 1 1/4" x 10 1/4") -- Recommended for forced induction applications, serious track use, or in high temperature climates where more cooling is required.  Our most popular core, even though it is our largest standard offer core it still fits great even with Stillen Gen 3 intakes.

You may choose between the Standard Non-Thermostatic Mocal Sandwich Plate adapter and a Thermostatic model.  It is highly recommended that a Thermostatic sandwich plate adapter be purchased when installing an oil cooler onto a street driven 370Z.  As important as it is to keep high oil temperatures under control, it is just as important to maintain the proper temperature to ensure the highest possible lubrication.

Install manual for the Z1 Motorsports 370Z/G37 Oil Cooler Kit can be viewed HERE.

Available Options:

Select Cooler Size:

Oil Sandwich Plate Adapter:

Protective Hose Wrapping:


*** This item does not qualify for any additional discounts or promotions ***

$450.00 $368.00

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Questions our customers have asked...

Do you mind me asking the big difference between a thermostatic and non thermostatic sandwich plate would make? Going to go FI in the summer and looking to buy the best possible option at the moment. Thank you

Response: A thermostatic sandwich plate has a built in thermostatic valve that helps control oil flow to the cooler core while the oil temps rise, much like your coolant thermostat. This helps maintain proper oil temperatures in colder climates. Proper oil temps are important to a healthy engine, even low oil temps can be detrimental to your VQ and typically cause leaks to the oil cooler cores when driven hard before oil temps are up. A non-thermostatic plate is only recommended on dedicated track cars. We highly recommend a thermostatic sandwich plate on every car that is daily driven.

What's the added oil capcity of a 34 rows oil cooler ? On a 2016, do you recommend to remove or to leave the oil/water plate which come stock ? Thanks

Response: Arnaud, for that kit with the hoses you will use about an extra qt on the first fill. Most will keep the factory sandwich plate though clearance is better without it but cooling is best with it. If you wish to change it you will need the earlier style stud for the filter: (Link)