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After months of development and extensive dyno testing on our Q60 3.0t Premium Sport Coupe and Q50 3.0t Red Sport Sedan, we are proud to introduce the Z1 Motorsports 3.0" Expansion Downpipes for VR30DDTT equipped Infiniti Q50/Q60 models. 

These downpipes are the single most effective performance upgrade available for a Twin Turbo VR 2016+ Q50 or 2017+ Q60.  Installing these downpipes will produce an additional 50-60+ RWHP on 3.0t Premium (300 HP) models and 25-35+ RWHP on Red Sport (400 HP) models with no additional modifications and no tune required, although a catback exhaust system is recommended to reach full potential.  The factory exhaust utilizes 4 catalytic converters mounted directly off of the turbo outlets. These cats are by far the largest restriction in the VR30DDTT's respiratory system, slowing down exhaust flow and creating substantial backpressure. Our catless expansion downpipes allow the turbos to breathe and spool up substantially faster resulting in a dramatic increase in horsepower and torque across the entire powerband.  The expansion design allows hot gasses exiting the turbo to smoothly expand out into full 3.0" 304 SS piping, the resulting pressure differential on the back side of the turbine wheel results in insanely fast spool and increased maximum boost pressures.  As the exhaust gases cool further downstream they are funneled back down into a 2.5" outlet compatible with factory and most aftermarket catback exhaust systems.  Z1 can also provide these downpipes with a full 3.0" outlet flange via the options below.

Our downpipes utilize factory style V-band flanges to fit the stock turbos with no aftermarket hardware needed. (Use of the existing OEM V-Band Clamp is required.) The fitment of these downpipes cater to factory design of the catalytic converters and y-pipe, allowing you to bolt these in place of the factory converters with no modification necessary, utilizing all factory mounting points for great fitment on factory and aftermarket exhausts.  These downpipes can be installed without removing the engine in a few hours using the proper tools. Removing the stock catalytic converters with the engine in the car is tricky but entirely possible as we have done it several times using the proper extensions and swivel sockets.  In addition, downstream oxygen sensors mount in J-pipe O2 bungs to reduce the likeliness of check engine lights after installation.  We have not experienced any CELs or diagnostic trouble codes on our Q60 and Q50 equipped with these downpipes for several thousand miles of testing, but we cannot guarantee they won't appear until software is released to account for this upgrade. 


  • Utilize OEM Mounting Tabs
  • CNC Machined V-Band Flange (Fits OEM V-Band Flange)
  • J-Pipe O2 Sensor Bungs
  • 100% Tig Welded T304 Stainless Steel
  • Fits 300hp and 400hp Red Sport Models
  • Enhances Exhaust Note From Tailpipe As Well As Turbo Spool Noise
  • Includes Hardware and Z1 MLS Gaskets
  • Due to the removal of the catalytic converter, this product is for off road use only. This product is not emissions compliant.
  • 18.4lbs Weight Savings Over Stock
    (29.4lbs Stock vs. 11lbs Z1)


  • (2) Z1 3'' Race Downpipes
  • (1) Hardware Kit (For 2-Bolt Flange)
  • (2) 2-Bolt Exhaust Gaskets

NOTE: Turbo Outlet Gaskets are NOT included, however we have found these can often be reused on low milage car. If new gaskets are required they can be purchased seperatley HERE.


  • 2016+ Infiniti Q50 Sedan (V37)
    300hp and 400hp
  • 2017+ Infiniti Q60 Coupe (CV37)
    300hp and 400hp 

These downpipes are available in a 2.5'' outlet to fit stock and most aftermarket exhausts and a full 3.0'' outlet for custom or larger aftermarket exhausts. Because of the current lack of availability in 3.0'' exhausts Z1 recommends selecting our 2.5'' option. 

Also, removing the factory downpipe catalytic converter sections removes the heat shielding associated with them. This can cause higher than normal temperatures in your engine bay. To aid in lowering these temperatures we offer a roll of Z1 Exhaust Wrap optioned below. This includes one 50' roll and 4 14'' stainless steel ties.

Images below show baseline and final power comparisons on Z1's Q50 Red Sport 400hp (LEFT) with Z1 3'' Downpipes and exhaust, and Z1's Q60 Premium 300hp (RIGHT) with identical mods. Click images below to view full resolution.

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Exhaust Type:

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Questions our customers have asked...

The downpipes have one O2 bung for a single O2 sensor on both sides. The primary and secondary catalytic converters both have O2 sensors totaling 4 sensors . Please explain how this works.

Response: The upstream oxygen sensor on the VR30DDTT power plant is actually located in the turbo outlet before the pre-cat, rather than being mounted in the pre-cat. (See image link below) The secondary converter does have a downstream sensor located between the two converters where the j-bend bung is located on our downpipes. (Link)

Do you have a detailed installation sheet for this product. A lot of people are afraid to install these I purchased these pipes and I'm about to take it to RT tuning in Pennsylvania to install

Response: The install is just V-Band at the back of the turbo and two bolt at the base. We recommend clocking the pipes to the bracket mount before torquing the v band clamp down tight.

Will this work with the fast intentions lower down pipes

Response: Vaden, Lower down pipes cannot be used in conjunction with these because they replace both upper and lower cats. Regards, Z1 Team