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The VR30DDTT Blow Off Valve Kit includes everything needed to install blow off valves on VR30 equipped Infiniti Q50 Sedans and Q60 Coupes. 

Why do I need blow off valves?

A Blow Off Valve's sole purpose is to protect your turbo. The valve is actuated by manifold vacuum, designed to vent excess boost pressure into the atmosphere on forced induction cars when the throttle is closed. This release of boost pressure prevents damaging reverse shock waves from reaching your turbo while creating the infamous "psshhhh" sound that turbo cars are known for. Without this release pressurized air can beat the turbine shaft bearing and compressor wheel to death. In more extreme cases the compressor wheel can literally explode in the housing.

Due to the complete lack of recirculation or blow off valves on the VR30 powertrain, boost pressure remains in the intake tract when transitioning off throttle. When increasing boost pressure and tuning this leaves the tuner with two options:

A: Slamming the throttle shut when lifting off throttle. Boost pressure is not bled off, resulting in reverse thrust on the turbo's compressor wheel. This shock-load causes accelerated turbo thrust bearing wear, which will to destory the turbo.

B: Gradually shutting the throttle when lifting off-throttle (this is the "I'll risk my car and life to save these turbos" scenario).  It's like this, you have just been making a sweet power pull and the car has broken traction at about 60 mph. You're now sideways and you can't reel it back in straight so you release the throttle, but this evil car is still boosting away accelerating as you look at that oncoming telephone pole. If you're lucky you'll save it and order this kit before you have to buy replacement body work. If you didn't save it we have replacement body panels here, and you have to hope that no one got a video of you going full Mustang.

After installing blow off valves, the boost pressure is then vented to atmosphere. This saves the turbos from accelerated thrust bearing and compressor wear.  And lets you drive this car like it's meant to be driven.

Aftermarket blow off valves like the HKS SSQV4 included in this kit have the ability to flow a high volume of air, ideal for higher boost applications where the boost pressure is increased. We have used these blow off valves on applications beyond 600whp for more than a decade.

The HKS Sequential Blow-Off Valve features a unique pull type sequential valve structure, and a differential pressure control system. This advanced pull-type relief system allows for stable operating ranges from low to high boost pressures. HKS' Super SQV 4 features a nickel-plated, die-cast metal secondary valve, which is swaged to the primary valve. A stainless steel C-Clip and spring are used to increase sealing and durability.


  • (2) HKS SSQV 4 Blow Off Valve
    • Includes Snap Ring, Zip Ties, and O-Ring
    • Optional Pre-assembled and Indexed In Provided Flange (Not Pictured)
  • (2) HKS Blow Off Valve Flange
  • (2) Z1 Silicone Blow Off Valve Hoses
  • (2) Z1 Silicone Throttle Body to Intercooler Hoses
  • (1) Z1 Silicone Vacuum Hose - 3ft
  • (1) Install Guide

Z1 Silicone BOV Hoses and Throttle Body to Intercooler Hoses available in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red 


  • 2016+ Infiniti Q50 Sedan 3.0t
  • 2017+ Infiniti Q60 Coupe 3.0t

Pictured installed in red along with the Z1 Q50 / Q60 VR Silicone Radiator Coolant Hoses and the Z1 Q50 / Q60 VR Silicone Intercooler Coolant Hoses.  

Available Options:

Silicone Color:


$648.00 $598.00

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This kit is awesome! The fit and finish is impressive and the blow-off valves fit perfectly in a very tight ...

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Questions our customers have asked...

Hi, will this item fit Q60 (2017+) 2.0T base model?

Response: This product is made specifically for the 3.0t VR30DDTT.

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