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Z1 Motorsports' Global Time Attack 370Z brought forth the need for a strong lightweight clutch system that could hold up to the heat and abuse full track sessions require. In addition to the clutch system holding up to the heat we also needed to eliminate possibility of down time the factory Concentric Slave Cylinder consistently provides. 

Our solutuion, for the track oriented 370Z, is our upgraded high clamping force pressure plate, lightweight solid full face clutch disc, Lightweight Flywheel, AND our CSC Elimination kit. All of these work together to provide the surest engaging clutch system your track car requires. 

Z1's Road Race Clutch Package includes:

  • Z1 Road Race Clutch Kit
  • Z1 Lightweight flywheel
  • Z1 CSC Elimination Kit
  • Z1 Motorsports Road Race Clutch Kit:

    Z1 Motorsports has worked with one of the largest OE and Aftermarket clutch suuppliers to build a pressure plate that can handle all of the abuse you can inflict on your Naturally Aspirated 370Z on the track. Our reinforced rivet style plate, stamped from a thicker gauge steel than the OE plate, is much more rigid thant the factory crimp style plate. This rigidity allows a 2800 lb clamp load with minimal deflection making for more solid engagement with less opportunity for slippage. 

    This kit uses a lightweight solid hub full face clutch disc to help shorten the time between clutch release and power transfer to the rear wheels. The stock sized (240mm) solid hub disc also weighs 15% less than similar sized sprung hub discs further aiding in the quick transfer of power. This disc is constructed of an enhanced high fiber material that offers smooth engagement while maintaining a good burst strength.  

    Alignment Tool and Pilot Bushing included.   

    Z1 Motorsports Lightweight Flywheel:

    4140 Forged Steel Ultra Light Weight Flywheel

    Weighs 17.5lbs vs 30.9 lbs stock.
    Allows engine to more rapidly transfer power to the drive train and promote quicker throttle response. Engine will rev faster under acceleration.
    Recommended for forced induction applications to reduce typical turbo lag with turbo-charged engines and increase supercharger efficiency due to less parasitic drag on the crank. Meets SFI spec 1.1 or 1.2
    Less mass on the outside rim is a big factor in reducing the rotational inertia of this flywheel. The distance the mass is located from the center of rotation is very important to the value of the moment of inertia.
    This flywheel has the lowest moment of inertia available of any aftermarket production HR / VHR flywheel. Which translates to a faster revving engine.

    (keep in mind that the stock flywheel has a vibration dampener absorbing the majority of the transmission noise, the Z1 flywheel is solid and because it is light weight you will hear some noise chatter as the vibrations the OE flywheel dampens is no longer being absorbed.)

    Z1 Motorsports Concentric Slave Cylinder Elimination Kit:

    Thorough analysis and modeling of the factory clutch system's dynamics led to the development of an innovative kit that completely eliminates the failure-prone concentric unit, replacing it instead with a traditional release bearing mated to a Howe Racing pull-type slave cylinder. The Z1 Motorsports Concentric Slave Cylinder Elimination Kit is completely CAD/CAM engineered as a bolt on solution to common clutch concentric slave cylinder failures, with no permanent modification to the drivetrain.

    Inspected, assembled, re-inspected and packaged in house by Z1 Motorsports’ trained staff, the VQHR+ CSCEK arrives ready to install on your Z or G out of the box. Includes Motul RBF600 Fluid for the hydraulic system. Transmission fluid replacement is recommended but not mandatory for the installation of this kit. 

    Strongly Recommended:
    Please view a complete copy of the Installation Manual for the Z1 Motorsports Concentric Slave Cylinder Elimination Kit, PDF Installation Manual & Z1 Road Race Clutch Package Addendum

    Proper installation and adjustment of this kit will require end-user mechanical aptitude. Because of the very narrow window in which this product was designed to function as a bolt on solution, this product may require adjustment through the life of the clutch.


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