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This Fuel Pressure Gauge / Nitrous Adapter has been developed specifically for the needs of Z owners.

Maintaining proper fuel pressure is an important factor in keeping an engine running strong, consistent, and healthy. Monitoring fuel pressure can be very difficult without the necessary features this tool provides.

Fuel System Innovation

This unique piece includes (3) threaded ports available to tap a variety of accessories into your fuel supply. Two ports are threaded with 1/8" NPT (27/in), which are the proper size in order to screw in many fuel pressure gauge sending units including Autometer products and others likely produced by American companies. Most small fluid filled engine bay gauges will also screw into the 1/8 NPT ports. The remaining third port is labeled with "28" is threaded for 1/8 BSPT (28/in) devices like the sending units for most Japanese fuel pressure gauges including Defi, Greddy, HKS, Apex-i. (due to physical constraints of the engine, use of only one threaded port at a time is recommended) The inlet and outlet of this adapter are the perfect size to fit the OEM 5/16" fuel lines, while the internal size still stays the same as the OE fuel supply hard lines, resulting in no additional restriction on your fuel supply system.

Engine Diagnostics

This adapter makes an excellent diagnostic tool, as it can be installed within minutes and allows the user to install a mechanical gauge for under hood fuel system diagnostics. Additionally, a Schrader valve can be installed for use with many different style fuel pressure testers used by diagnostic technicians. These are available using the options below.

Simplifying Nitrous

Most 'wet' nitrous kits for VQ motors include a simple fuel tap that requires the factory line be cut to plumb fuel for the nitrous system. This fuel port can be installed with no modifications to factory lines, making fuel plumbing simpler and safer. A fuel pressure switch can be installed here allowing the system to cut nitrous pressure if fuel pressure ever drops below a specified value for additional protection.


Fuel adapters ship with plugs pre-installed and sealed. When installing additional accessories to this port, it is important to use fuel safe thread sealant. Failure to use proper sealant could result in serious injury and/or damage to your vehicle.

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Questions our customers have asked...

Hi, I've been working on a nitrous project on my 2011 370z 7AT touring for a few months now, and have finally arrived at the fuel supply aspect. I have the Zex quick connect fuel line adapter which connects somewhere down in the bowels of my engine bay and seems like it'll be a hard to reach install. I also purchased a (cheap) fuel rail adapter from VMS racing, which was leaking /spraying fuel like an artery wound. This one was similar to your fuel rail gauge adapter. I threw it out. So I'm wondering if cutting the fuel line before the regulator and splicing this adapter in with a Schrader valve would be the same as using Zex's adapter. My concern is this would utilize a supply line and not the controlled fuel supply from the regulator to the fuel rail. Do you know if the 370z fuel pressure is too high to feed from directly as a supply for nitrous apps? I really would rather go with this option. A simple cut and splice, versus going with another expensive fuel rail adapter which may have the tendency to leak. Your thoughts...

Response: Splicing the factory line is not a good option. The fuel supply in the engine bay is regulated (it's a return-less system and regulated in the tank), so if you pick up pressure ahead or behind the damper you see on the factory connection it will be similar. Using our Fuel Port (Link) for your application is probably an easier option for you.

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