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The large stock rubber fluid filled bushing in the rear subframe of 350Z, G35, 370Z, & G37 models is prone to failure.  It is common to see evidence of the silicone fluid leaking out of the busted bushing characterized by black stains on the subframe below the bushing.  The stock rear bushing is soft to isolate drivetrain vibrations, however performance is compromised especially after the bushing fails resulting in excessive differential movement reducing torque transfer and eventually causing a thud or knocking noise between shifts.  The stock rear bushing is part of the rear subframe assembly and not available for purchase separately.   

In addition to the rear bushing, there are smaller bushings in the front mount ears of the differential to secure it to the subframe assembly.  The front bushings are not as prone to failure but can wear out due to excessive play after failure of the rear bushing.  When these bushings wear out, the differential twists under load which can result in wheel hop, increased chassis vibration, damage to the rear differential cover, and excessive axle wear.

After several years of research, installing and comparing other solutions on the market, Z1 is now proud to offer replacement solutions for rear differential bushings that deliver the best in fitment and performance.  Due to some problems we have experienced with other products we have specified a high temperature urethane formulation to prevent the bushing from deterioration under extreme heat often experienced on the track.  The Z1 bushing is the optimal length to fill the hole in the rear subframe in order to provide the most contact area while not protruding out the ends.  Our bushing includes a press in steel sleeve that locks the urethane securely in place without the need to remove the existing stock steel sleeve from the original bushing.  We also offer a Z1 solid aluminum rear differential bushing set for enthusiasts willing to trade some drivetrain noise and vibration for torque transfer and control. 

Z1 Motorsports differential bushings aren't just a repair item, they're an essential upgrade for enthusiasts from daily drivers to the weekend track warrior. Z1 bushings are engineered to provide the user with a product that fits like OEM at a fraction of the price while maintaining the highest level of performance. The end result is a car that is more pleasurable to drive with precise shifts and predictable control.

Rear Includes:

Front and Rear Includes:

  • (1) Rear Differential Bushing
  • (1) Rear Differential Bushing Sleeve
  • (1) Detailed Installation Manual
  • (2) Front Differential Bushing - Top (Diff Nose)
  • (2) Front Differential Bushings - Rear (Diff Nose)
  • (2) Front Differential Bushing Sleeves (Diff Nose)
  • (2) Front Differential Bushing Washers  (Diff Nose)

To aid in removal of the factory differential bushing, see our differential bushing removal tool HERE!

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What our customers say...

So I will say this.... this bushing set makes such a beautiful difference! Deffinitely an amazing upgrade... No more Wheel ...

Rated by Verified Customer Purchase Read More

10/10! These are great. I haven't found a bad product from Z1 yet! I decided to replace all 3 diff bushings ...

Rated by Verified Customer Purchase Read More

2012 G37xS - 7AT - 53,421 miles Infiniti Factory Certified Technician I was experiencing vibrations at idle in drive, a significant delay ...

Rated by Verified Customer Purchase Read More

Please don’t hesitate to purchase this bushing especially if your factory ones are done for. My G feels brand new ...

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Questions our customers have asked...

Just seeing if you guys can give me a rough estimate time a shop would take to install these for both subframe and dif, ?

Response: 4.5 Hours labor is the standard,

The Z1 Urethane differential bushings are priced very competitively to perhaps the most popular aftermarket urethane option from the Whiteline series. My question is, what is the difference in material stiffness and ride quality between the two products? I have heard from other customers that the Whiteline model provides great comfort as well as noise-free operation. As someone who daily drives a 2004 350Z, these attributes are among my top priorities when selecting an upgrade. Do the Z1 bushings tend to make any noise? Also, compared with the Whiteline bushings, is the Z1 option stiffer or softer? I don't mind a bit of extra stiffness so long as it doesn't add excessive noise or vibration. Thanks for your info.

Response: Isaiah, We actually use a softer durometer bushing in our kit but with a fuller design that is slightly pre loaded when installed vs Whitelines harder bushing and pin holed spherical rear bushing design. From the driver seat our best drivers cannot differentiate between the Whiteline and Z1 diff bushings when installed. We hope this helps give you a bit more insight regarding these parts. Regards, The Z1 Team

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