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Core Program

Z1 Motorsports is offering in store credit to be used at anytime against anything we sell on for the following used items:

OEM Z32 Parts

Good working 8 bit ECUs - US or JDM (no Mines upgrades)

(1990-92 NA Automatic) $25 ea
(1990-92 NA Manual) $50 ea
(1990-94 TT Automatic) $100 ea
(1990-94 TT Manual) $125 ea

OEM High Pressure Power Steering Hoses - Credit only given for complete and not bent hose ends. Hoses can be cut.
(1990-96 NA or TT) $50 ea

OEM HICAS Hoses - Credit only given for complete and not bent hose ends. Hoses can be cut.
(1990-93 TT) $50 ea

OEM 300ZX Twin Turbo Driveshaft Cores - Credit only given for good CV ends. (Save on shipping by cutting 3" up on the driveshaft tube and sending in CV Joints like the one pictured below)
(1990-96 TT) $50 ea


OEM Power Steering Pumps - Credit only given for NON HICAS pumps.
(1990-96 NA or 94+ TT) $25 ea

OEM Tension Rods - Credit only given for arms that are complete and not bent. Bushings must be present.
(1990-96 NA or TT) $10 ea / $20 pair

Good Working Z32 Mass Air Flow Sensors - Orange Label "N62" - Broken or missing screens will result in a deduction of $15 per.
(1990-96 NA or TT) $75 ea

Good Non Turbo Clutch Pedal Assemblies - Complete - Full credit only given for complete assemblies with switches. Partial credit may be given for incomplete or worn pedals. 
$50 ea 

Good OEM 30mm Aluminum Brake Calipers - 30mm Front (Aluminum ONLY) or Rear
$30 ea / $60 pair

Used Stock Turbos - (Must have actuator and good housings) Housings must have no broken bolts / studs or stripped threads. (-$20 per missing / bad actuator or stripped bolt hole / broken stud)
(.63 A/R Stock Manual)    $40 ea
(.54 A/R Stock Auto)     $40 ea


OEM 370Z & G37 Parts

Good Used 370Z or G37 Lower Intake Manifold - (ONLY Clean mounting surfaces. NO broken bolts or stripped bolt holes)
370Z or G37 Manifold - $100 ea

Good Used 370Z or G37 Upper Intake Plenum - (Credit only given for complete undamaged units)
370Z or G37 Plenum - $120 ea


Requirements to Receive In-Store Credit:
It is the responsibility of the customer to get their core(s) to Z1 Motorsports. Z1 Motorsports does not cover costs incurred by the customer for shipping/delivery of their core(s) nor does Z1 Motorsports make/facilitate arrangements for shipping.
THIS FORM must be completed and sent in with your item(s) in order for Z1 Motorsports to process your credit and apply it to your account.
Any items that arrive without this completed form will be considered a gift.

We will check in and apply credit to your account within 30 days of receiving the item(s). For your protection and convenience, choose a method of shipping that provides tracking information. You should retain the tracking number provided by your carrier to confirm that we have received your package. You will not receive notification that we have received your package until we process the core(s) and apply credit, which may take up to 30 days. When credit is applied to your account you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Please do not contact us and ask for confirmation that we have received your cores until 30 days after the cores have arrived at our location. Phone representatives do not have access to any core credit information.

Ship items to:
Z1 Motorsports
Attn: Core Credit
2877 Carrollton-Villa Rica Hwy
Carrollton, GA 30116