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The UpRev ARC (Advanced Racing Controls) License will enable 2-Step(MT), Flatfoot Shifting(MT), Rolling Anti-lag(AT,MT) and Burn-out Mode(AT,MT).

The wait is over! 2-Step Launch Control, Flat-foot Shifting, and Rolling Anti-lag is available for VQ35DE (Including RevUp), VQ35HR, & VQ37VHR engines.

  • 2003-2006 Nissan 350Z (VQ35DE)
  • 2007-2008 Nissan 350Z (VQ35HR)
  • 2003-2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe (VQ35DE)
  • 2003-2006 Infiniti G35 Sedan (VQ35DE)
  • 2007-2008 Infiniti G35 Sedan (VQ35HR)
  • 2009+ Nissan 370Z (VQ37VHR)
  • 2009+ Infiniti G37 (VQ37VHR)

ARC Licenses are for purchase / installation with your initial Uprev license or you can choose from any of the following options:

1. ARC License ONLY - This option is for those purchasing a tune or who own a Standard or Tuner kit with an Uprev Cable. You must perform a cable report and send it to us. We will then email the license which you configure yourself.

2. ARC License + E-Tune - This option is like the License ONLY but allows us to tweak your previous Tune if necessary via email. We will need your ROM to make the changes which we send back with the ARC License.  

3. ARC License + Installation - This option applies to those that already have a license installed but no Uprev Cable. You remove your ECU, ship it to Z1, we reconfigure your tune with the ARC License activated, and ship back to you! 

4. ARC License + UpRev Mail-in Reflash - This option allows those that have no Uprev tune to purchase one with the ARC License installed at the same time. You remove your ECU, ship it to Z1, configure your tune with the ARC License activated, and ship back to you!

NOTE: Oversized fuel injectors, oversized intakes, and forced induction cars are not available for Mail-in or E-Tunes. Custom Tuning required.

ARC 2-Step Launch Control MT This feature makes it possible to have more controlled launches and for building boost off the line. You must be in first gear with the clutch engaged to activate 2-Step Launch Control. Your base launch RPM can be set upon purchase, this can also be adjusted on the fly using the cruise toggle on the steering wheel. Speed activation as well as minimum RPM can also be adjusted to govern the minimum RPM and speed required before Flat-Foot Shifting can engage.

ARC Flat-foot Shifting MT - This feature makes it possible to continue holding the accelerator pedal while shifting with the clutch engaged. This feature allows for faster shifting, an extra jolt of power upon entering the next gear, and with full control of fuel and timing you can hold boost during shifts. The clutch must be engaged for Flat-foot Shifting to activate. Speed activation as well as minimum RPM can also be adjusted to govern the minimum RPM and speed required before Flat-Foot Shifting can engage.

ARC Rolling Anti-lag AT/MT - Unlike 2-Step and Flatfoot Shifting you don't need to use the clutch pedal for this feature. This feature makes it possible for more controlled rolling launches and building boost for roll racing. Like 2-Step and Flat-foot Shifting, this feature also gives you full control speed activation as well as minimum RPM before engaging. In addition, your tuner can adjust minimum throttle activation requirement. To activate Rolling Anti-lag be sure all the above requirements are met, then hold down the Cancel cruise button once you get to the desired vehicle speed for your roll, release the Cancel button when you want to go.

 ARC Burnout Mode AT/MT - No more pulling fuses, cutting wires, or installing switches! ARC Burnout Mode is as easy as riding a bike. Press the pedals, spin, and go! Great for general hooning, or warming up your tires for the dragstrip (You choose!)

AT=Automatic Transmission 

MT=Manual Transmission

The UpRev ARC License can be added to any existing Uprev tune, or with a new dyno tune or e-tune.

***Please Note: The 'License ONLY' upgrade option is only for experianced UpRev tuners. If you are not experianced in the realm of UpRev's software we do not recommend this option. Please select one of the other Installation, E-Tune, or Mail-in options to ensure your ROM and ARC Features are properly installed. The rule of thumb in regards to ARC Features is if you have to ask how to install it, you should not be installing it.***

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Questions our customers have asked...

Hi For the uprev tune license arc. Would I just purchuse the 100 dollar license then take it to a tunni g place? Little confused any classification would be great thanks

Response: Tyler, After purchasing the ARC license you will need to reach out to your local UpRev tuner for installation. This relies on you first having an UpRev standard license on the car. Regards, Z1 Team

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