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UpRev Standard

UpRev Standard includes an Uprev cable to reflash and communicate with the vehicle through the OBDII Diag Port. UpRev Standard also includes Map Switching allowing you to use different tunes for different situations and 1 eTune update you can use at any time.

UpRev Standard is a licensed based system meaning your license will be transferred to the first ECU that is flashed. This vehicle can then be flashed as many times as the user wants, but the flash will not work on any different vehicles. One additional license can be purchased for enthusiasts that may have more than one vehicle, contact us for details.

Parameters that we will tune include:

  • Up to 5 Maps on cruise control equipped vehicles
  • Idle RPM
  • Speed Limiter
  • Electronic Throttle Control to achieve Wide Open Throttle at all speeds.
  • Rev Limiter
  • AFR Targets
  • Fuel Compensation
  • Ignition Timing Advance
  • Cam Phasing for equipped vehicles.

E-TUNE NOTE: Oversized fuel injectors, oversized intakes, and forced induction cars are not available for Mail-in or E-Tunes except where otherwise optioned. Custom tuning required. Nitrous tunes may be subject to additional fees.

When emailing logs please include mods, requested maps & the following log data:

  • AFR Bank 1 and Bank 2
  • AFR correction Bank 1 and Bank 2
  • Base fuel schedule
  • Calculated load
  • Coolant temp
  • Engine speed (RPM)
  • Ignition timing advance
  • Knock strength
  • Hi Det flag
  • Throttle position (either one)
  • MAF voltage
  • Gms/sec

Logs should be performed on a car that is up to operating temp and has idled for at least one minute.  Log pulls should be from at least 3rd gear for manuals, 2nd gear or higher for automatic cars.

NOTICE: This product will not help you pass emissions if your vehicle is modified or has existing emissions associated problems.



What our customers say...

This is a great product and well worth the money. I had my '05 350Z professionally tuned and gained 10whp ...

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Bought this product for my G37 and I'm very pleased of how Jon E Tune it for me. My car ...

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I couldn't be much happier with my etune. Jon really knows how to perfectly remote tune your car. Bought this ...

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Questions our customers have asked...

If you get the standard and later need to upgrade to the tuner is that possible

Response: Yes

There is no Dyno where I live. Would I still be able to use this for my 370z? And if so, is there any additional parts I need to purchase for this to use it?

Response: You would still have e tune support for your 370Z even without a dyno. There are no additional required parts to use this other than a compatible lap top.

does it work with win10?

Response: Yes it will work with Windows 10.

What is the difference big between the Osiris standard and the mail in flash Service?

Response: They both give you a license but the standard comes with a OBDII cable that you can use to check parameters on the car with a laptop and also load new e-tune files if you make changes in the future. The mail in flash installs the software onto your ecu and returns it back to you. If you want to make any changes in the future you must send in your ecu again but will not have to purchase a new license. The standard makes it easier to perform the flash but the mail in allows a cheaper option for those not looking to make a lot of changes or monitor any car information. If you have more questions please feel free to give us a call.

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