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UpRev is proud to announce support for the Nissan/Infiniti VR30DDTT platform!

Z1 has successfully used this software to tune our Project Q60 (non Red Sport) to more than 440rwhp and over 600wtq!!

There are many custom features including:

  • Map switching (5 switchable maps using the usual cruise control buttons) 
  • Rolling anti-lag (w/ boost, ignition, and fuel targets) 
  • Custom logging parameters making boost, fuel, torque, intake and exhaust cams, and ignition timing a breeze to analyze and fine tune 
  • Live table tracers on all tables to accurately see where the car is running in a given table 
  • Decel turbo surge mitigation to protect against deceleration boost spikes (this engine does not include an OEM blow off valve) 
  • Ignition timing targets during shifting (with the factory ignition timing strategy, excessive ignition gets pulled during shifting, this is dangerous especially while running higher boost levels since this can cause a significant boost spike during shifting and put the car into limp mode from over-boost), live tuning that allows you to make on the fly changes to all of the following tables without flashing: Ignition timing, fuel targets, fuel compensation, boost targets, wastegate angle targets, throttle angle targets, and torque delivered - making the tuning experience easier and more precise.

Featured Tuning Tables and Other Features:

Boost Control – Boost Target, Wastegate Position, Wastegate Correction for Atmospheric Pressure (for those who drive places where elevation can change quickly, this table will correct the wastegate angle accordingly to prevent over/under boosting), Decel Surge Mitigation (when letting off the accelerator pedal in high boost, even with the wastegate opening fully from the factory, the throttle closes too quickly sending a dangerous pressure surge to the turbo compressor. This custom table allows the tuner to adjust the throttle closing angle by the current boost pressure (allowing the pressure surge to quickly bleed through the system), Boost Cut (fuel cut when boost pressure exceeds the maximum set allowed pressure by rpm and by map, if the boost cut is hit several times, the car will go into limp mode to protect the engine), Boost Cut Restore (fuel restore once boost drops to a safe pressure), and Boost PID Control.

Anti-lag – Activated with the cruise control cancel button, you can adjust ignition timing, boost target, minimum accelerator position, and minimum oil temperature required for activation.

Ignition Timing – Ignition Timing Main and High Det, Maximum Ignition Advance and Retard (based on knock feedback), Timing Targets During Shifting, and Knock Thresholds (if the current knock value goes above the maximum allowed knock value by cylinder and rpm, the ECU will pull ignition timing).

Fuel – Fuel Pressure Targets, Fuel Injector Timing, Fuel Targets, Fuel Compensation

Rev and Speed Limits – Fuel and Throttle Cuts

Throttle Angle – Throttle Angle Targets and Throttle Angle Maximum

Torque – Estimated Torque Delivered (making shifts firmer and faster) and Requested Torque.

Exhaust and Intake Cams

Idle Targets

Check and Clear Trouble Codes

Unit type conversions for pressure, torque, air fuel ratio, speed, and temperature for all applicable tables and logging parameters.

Logging and Tracing:

82 Logging Parameters Total with 12 Custom Parameters:

  • Knock Advance or Retard Value, 
  • Knock Max (the factory knock value can spike very quickly and then drop so quickly that the spike will not be captured by the logger and tuners may miss serious knock events. This custom parameter will display the maximum knock value calculated by the ECU and stores it until the tuner resets it by pressing up on the cruise switch), 
  • Boost Pressure, 
  • Boost Target, 
  • Boost Error, 
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature, 
  • Atmospheric Pressure, 
  • Throttle Angle Target, 
  • Throttle Angle, 
  • Wastegate Angle, 
  • Ignition Timing, 
  • Air Fuel Ratio, as well as all table tracers, and more  

What you get:

UpRev Standard

UpRev Standard includes Cipher and utilizes the Cipher cable to reflash and communicate with the vehicle through the OBDII Diag Port. UpRev Standard also includes Map Switching allowing you to use different tunes for different situations and 3 eTune updates you can use at any time.

UpRev Standard is a licensed based system meaning your license will be transferred to the first ECU that is flashed. This vehicle can then be flashed as many times as the user wants, but the flash will not work on any different vehicles. One additional license can be purchased at a discount for enthusiasts that may have more than one vehicle, contact us for details.

NOTICE: This product will not help you pass emissions if your vehicle is modified or has existing emissions associated problems.



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