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Z1 Motorsports Thermostatic Sandwich Plate Conversion Kit for all '09+ 370Z Nissan Motorsports Oil Cooler Kits

Although a great kit to start with, the Nissan Motorsports Oil Cooler Kit lacks one key piece to make it 100% streetable.  With most owners looking for a solution to the high oil temperatures on their 370z's, many do not consider that keeping the oil warm is JUST AS IMPORTANT!

Whereas cooling the oil is critical to ensure longer engine/oil life, it is just as critical to ensure the oil heats up and reaches an ideal operating temperature.  This operating temperature allows for the oil's full lubrication properties to be taken advantage of.  Since the Nissan Motorsports Oil Cooler Kit uses a particular hose fitting, owners of this kit cannot simply switch out the Oil Sandwich Plate Adapter [found on the engine] for a Thermostatic unit.  In order to convert the kit the hose ends near the motor must be removed and new fittings installed.

Additionally, for those customers experiencing oil leaks around the fittings found on the Nissan Motorsports Oil Cooler Kit. This kit replaces the 2 primary leak points on that are prone to leaking oil over time.  By replacing the leaking fittings with a more traditional style configuration, the possibility for leaks is greatly reduced.

The Nissan Motorsports Thermostatic Sandwich Plate Conversion Kit [brought to you by Z1 Motorsports] includes the following pieces:

- 1x       Mocal Thermostatic Sandwich Plate Adapter
- 2x       -10 AN 120 degree Swivel Fittings
- 2x       -10 AN - 1/2" Port Fittings (To fit Sandwich Plate Adapter)
- 2x       Rubber Sealing Washers
- 1x       Installation Instruction Sheet
Please note:
This kit is NOT provided by Nissan Motorsports.  This is a Z1 Motorsports Product solution.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this kit, please contact the Z1 Motorsports Parts Department or email

You will need your Factory Oil Filter Bolt.  This bolt is replaced when installing the Nissan Motorsports Oil Cooler Kit.  You may purchase this item separately, if you no longer have this item, by choosing it from the options list below:

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