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Z1 Motorsports 350Z G35 370Z G37 VQ35HR VQ37VHR VQ35DE Performance Parts

This package fits VQ35DE equipped 350Z and G35 models and is intended for modified cars being used in straight line / drag racing environments.

This performance package combines our Z1 Nodular Iron Flywheel with the Z1 Performance Street Clutch Kit. The result is a clutch with higher clamp load that is ideal for cars used in a drag racing environment. This kit utilizes a high clamping force pressure plate with a low spring load. High clamping force refers to the increased amount of pressure that is applied to the clutch disc. A low spring load eases lateral force on the main thrust bearings in your engine, which is especially important during "dry" start-up, lessening the likelihood of "crank walk". This pressure plate along with any of the discs available in this kit will handle substantially more power with a slightly "heavier" pedal feel.

The increased mass of the nodular iron flywheel will provide you with the ability to reduce launch RPM's and improve 60ft times. Heavier flywheels store more energy and thanks to Newtons Second Law relating to inertia, the iron flywheel will result in less RPM drop between shifts...thanks physics!

Not JUST a drag clutch! The nodular iron flywheel also helps reduce drivetrain chatter and improves off idle torque, making it a great replacement clutch for modified street driven cars. 

This clutch option is typically best suited for applications up to approximately 500lb-ft of torque.


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Optional Friction Disc

Standard Full Face - This is an OEM Type disc with a sprung hub and upgraded full friction surface to aid in driveability and engagement but also hold all of your NA Upgrades.

Sprung Hub 6 Puck - This is a sprung hub disc made up of ceramic "pucks" that provide a more aggressive engagement and hold a lot more power than the organic full face material.

Unsprung Full Face - This is a lightweight solid hub disc with an upgraded full friction surface to allow a more direct engagement without the aggressiveness of ceramic pucks.

Z1 Motorsports Performance Clutch Kits


  • 2003-2006 Nissan 350Z (VQ35DE)
  • 2003-2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe (VQ35DE)
  • 2003-2006 Infiniti G35 Sedan (VQ35DE)

350Z/ G35 Flywheel Torque Spec: 62-68 ft-lbs wet *Z1 recommends the use of Loctite 271 or equivalent.

 350Z / G35 Clutch Pressure Plate Torque Spec: Step 1 = 8-14 ft-lb, Step 2 = 26-32 ft-lb *use Loctite 271 or equivalent.

Available Options:

Friction Disc:


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