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Excellent kit. Everything you need to upgrade your old injectors to the newer more reliable style injectors. Well packaged and good instructions. Do take your time and soider the wires. The hardest part is removing the injectors/cap bolts. Recommend dremeling out the manifold to access the screws then replace them with the allen bolts that come with the kit. Injectors #3 & #6 will require removing the air balance tube and a bunch of hoses. Good time to replace any old hoses.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by John Song

Excellent kit. Comes with everything you need. Do take the time to solder the injector wires. Also a good time to replace any old worn out hoses since you will end up removing a bunch of stuff, main injectors #3 & #6. Great kit for the price. Wish I waited to buy the kit, as the price keeps going down. :-)

Rated starstarstarstarstar by John Song

Awesome kit. Truly a direct fit. Wished it came with new fuel rail to lower plenum bolts since they do become very rusty over time. All in all. Simple install. Great looks. Perfect

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Andrew Gomez

Must have for any new Z32 owner, not only will it rule out any headaches with the connectors and misfires but also a great upgrade to having 25+ year old injectors. Very noticeable difference!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Saul Castro
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