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Rated starstarstarstarstar by Christopher Karam

Holds my stock block greddy TT build without hesitation. Very controllable, but it chatters if that is something that you want to avoid. 470whp/430wtq. Would buy again

Rated starstarstarstarstar by mike osipowicz

So I’ve been running this clutch kit for about a month now on my 2008 350z(hr).I had a JWT clutch before and all I can say is it’s a night and day difference , the pedal is super springy and has an amazing feel. Clutch engages like butter and holds perfect. Before the clutch I had no wheel spin in 3rd and now I get some chirp in 3rd. Highly recommend this clutch for a street setup!!!!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Osvaldo Alvarez

Just bought this kit. Easy release with quick and strong engagement. No chatter when matched up with Z1 350Z/G35 Performance Flywheel (Mid Weight). Even at red lights with windows down and car in nuetral.The two hard launches I have done have felt significantly faster, with far superior hold than before. Will try and update after I’ve driven a few miles on it.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Jimmy Sosa
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