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The Z1 Z32 NA Clutch and Flywheel Combo brings together two of the best upgrades for your Naturally Aspirated Z32.

First in the Combo is the Clutch kit. Choose from the following: 

Z1 NA Performance Clutch Kit - This clutch is suitable for all street driven NA Z32's. The pressure plate clamping force has been increased enough to take care of any issues an upgraded NA Z32 may have with slippage from a stock clutch while not increasing too much to cause a "heavy" pedal feel. 


Z1 NA Heavy Duty Clutch Kit - This clutch kit features a heavy duty pressure plate with a strong clamping force to provide the holding power and durability for the most extreme NA 300ZXs on the street. This is our ultimate clutch assembly for Z32 NA applications using high power nitrous systems, or other power adders. If you require extreme clamping force for the NA 300ZX, this clutch is the one for you.

The standard clutch disc is made from the same high quality material as all of our other full face discs meaning good wear and great engagement. If you are looking for a more aggressive engagement, you may choose to substitute a sprung hub ceramic six puck disc as an option below. For the fastest possible shifts select the lightweight solid hub disc.

Each clutch kit also comes with pilot bushing, alignment tool, and a genuine Koyo throw out bearing.   

Next up is the Z1 NA Lightweight Flywheel. This Flywheel is made of 4140 forged steel. Not only does this make it less likely to warp like aluminum flywheels, but it can be resurfaced several times meaning this flywheel should be able to last at least as long as the engine in your Z. This flywheel weighs less than 9.5lbs with the majority of its mass located in the center portion which cuts down on rotating mass resulting in a faster revving engine.

Together the Z1 Clutch and Z1 Flywheel in this Combo will reveal the power potential of the NA Z32 while being able to transfer that power to the rear wheels. 

While replacing the clutch and flywheel, Z1 recommends replacing the rear main seal with the OEM Rear Main Seal Kit and upgrading to a Chromoly Clutch Pivot Ball and Z1 Braided Stainless Clutch Line available as options below. 

300ZX Flywheel Torque Spec: 61-69 ft lbs *use loctite 271 or equivalent 

300ZX Clutch Pressure Plate Torque Spec:  25-33 ft-lb *use Loctite 271 or equivalent  

Available Options:

Clutch Disc:

Stainless Steel Clutch Line:

Chromoly Pivot Ball:

Optional Rear Main Seal Kit:

Clutch Type:

$629.00 $548.00

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