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Z1 Motorsports 300ZX Twin Turbo Ultra Light Weight Flywheel & Performance Clutch Package.  Two great products meant to be together in one money saving combo.

Z1 Forged 4140 Steel Light Weight Flywheel

  • 11 lbs vs 22 lbs stock
  • Allows engine to more rapidly transfer power to the drive train and to have quicker throttle response.
  • Engine will rev faster under acceleration
  • Recommended for forced induction applications to reduce typical turbo "lag" with turbo-charged engines.
  • Meets SFI spec 1.1 or 1.2
  • Less mass on the ouside rim is a big factor in reducing the rotational inertia of this flywheel. The distance the mass is located from the center of rotation is very important to the value of the moment of inertia.
    This flywheel has the lowest moment of inertia available of any aftermarket production Z32 TT flywheel which translates to a faster revving motor.

Select either the Z1 Mild Performance Clutch Kit or the Z1 Performance Street Clutch Kit based on your needs.  As a general "loose" rule we recommend the Z1 Mild Performance Kit for stock turbos and the Z1 Performance Street Clutch for Z32s with upgraded turbos.

Z1 Mild Performance Clutch Kit 

  • Great option for most bolt on Z32s with stock turbos
  • 400 ft lbs of torque (organic disc)
  • Near stock pedal effort the driving experience with this clutch is a pleasure
  • Optional 6 puck disc increases the torque capacity to 450 ft lbs tq


Z1 Performance Street Clutch Kit

  • Pressure plate clamping force exceeds most competitors Z32 plates at 2800 lbs, while maintaining a low release pressure. 
  • A low spring release pressure eases lateral force on the main thrust bearings in your engine, which is especially important during "dry" start-up. High pressure plate spring release pressures result in high lateral forces being exerted on the crank when the pedal is depressed and the clutch is disengaged, which can cause premature thrust bearing failure resulting in "crank walk" and ultimately engine failure.
  • The sprung hub disc is lined with a high quality friction material.
  • We recommend this clutch combination for all Twin Turbo Z32's up to 550 ft-lbs torque.
  • Kit comes complete with pressure plate, friction disc, alignment tool, pilot bushing and a genuine Koyo throw out bearing.
  • 6 Puck disc is also available below as an option for additional holding capacity but not recommended for street only applications.

300ZX Flywheel Torque Spec: 61-69 ft lbs *use loctite 271 or equivalent  

300ZX Clutch Pressure Plate Torque Spec:  25-33 ft-lb *use Loctite 271 or equivalent 


Available Options:

Clutch Disc:

Stainless Steel Clutch Line:

Chromoly Pivot Ball:

Optional Rear Main Seal Kit:


$698.00 $628.00

Reviews Ask A Question About This Product

Questions our customers have asked...

Would the mild performance clutch plus lightweight flywheel combo hold up to a 375+hp configuration (stock turbos with JWT Stage 3 chip/boost jets + intake + exhaust)? I won't be racing at all, but perhaps some aggressive street driving from time-to-time. Should I go with something more heavy duty or should this be fine for Stage 3?

Response: The mild performance clutch will hold that power just fine. If you think you are overly abusive with it kicking the clutch or drag launching the 6 puck will take more abuse but this kit will hold the power.

Would this handle a 600hp setup? I bought the GT2860R's and getting tuned also. Would like to know if this or any other single plate clutch can handle the power or do I absolutely need a twin plate? Thanks

Response: The performance clutch with the 6 puck will handle the power no problem.

Does the mild performance package come with the alignment tool, throw out bearing and pilot bearing or do i need the full performance kit to get them?

Response: All Z1 clutch kits come with Clutch Alignment Tool, Throw out bearing and pilot bushing.

about how much more holding force does the 6 puck give you?

Response: I have seen plenty of cars exceed 650 wheel with the street performance pressure plate for mixed use driving. If you give us a call we can get you paired with the most appropriate clutch for capacity, usage and budget.

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