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The Z1 Z32 ECU Upgrade is available for '90-'92 Non Turbo and '90-'94 Twin Turbo models.

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is a small computer which monitors all engine sensors and controls all engine functions for fuel delivery, ignition timing, rev limiter, speed limiter, valve timing control and emission systems. This computer operates based on a set of values of which Nissan generated in their development process of the power plant, however, they left a lot to be desired by the enthusiast. The ECU upgrade consists of the removal of the stock program chip and the installation of a socket which allows for quick and easy installation/removal of the EPROM memory. A new program catered to your vehicle's modifications is generated and installed. Each of these programs have been meticulously developed on both the dynomometer and in real-world road testing environments to ensure that the vehicle performs as expected and with an adequate degree of safety.

Programming which allows for safe running of higher boost levels while maintaining "safety mode" configurations is our aim and some other companies do not provide these "safety mode" mappings - something that leaves us scratching our heads even today. Units receive thorough testing to ensure quality control and upgrades are performed/tested/shipped with quick turnaround.

See our recommended guidelines and procedures HERE

Boost jets are available as an option below for those without boost controllers. A boost controller is by far superior to using boost jets as you can control boost level on the fly, control boost spiking much better which will mean a safer engine, and you will benefit from better spool up characteristics as well. Click here for more details on our selection of boost controllers.

Future program updates are available for $50 plus shipping (must call in and present proof of purchase of Z1 ECU).  

Ultra Lite Boost / Vacuum gauge

Z1 recommends purchasing a boost gauge to go with this upgrade to ensure that you are running at a safe boost level.  Go to our Gauges section for options.

Please do not send in ECU Mounting Bracket. You will not receive a bracket with the ECU Upgrade.

If you do happen to send in your ECU mounting bracket, it can be returned to you for an additional $10 shipping.

We offer a core exchange program for convenience and to avoid downtime.  You may pay the core charge and we will ship you an upgraded ECU.  Return your core with-in 30 days and we'll refund your core charge to your credit card with-in 30 days of receiving your core.  If you do choose to send your ECU in first, realize that we must check-in and test your ECU before sending out the upgrade.  This process can take up to 30 days, delaying shipment of your upgraded ECU. 

View our Core Return Policy and Form - Please note: Form MUST be included with all Core Returns. Please note: Cores may be rejected if they have been previously modified regardless of performance. Mines ECUs and any other with glue covering the chip are not valid cores. 



All of our off-the-shelf tunes/chips are for running on GASOLINE only!

Available Options:


Core Charge:


Injector Size:


Fuel Octane:

Boost Jets:

$299.00 $249.00

What our customers say...

Best upgrade for the money! Had a bad injector so I figured why not upgrade to 555cc. Bought the ecu ...

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Awsome upgrade! My 91 TT was missing at idol and coulnt handle the 15psi of boost I was making. This ...

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This was an awesome upgrade! Very cheap for a TON of gain! the install is very easy just take the ...

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I have an N/A 300zx and it livened it up so much from what I got from the original ECU ...

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Questions our customers have asked...

I was wondering if you have an ecu upgrade for the 1995 300zx tt

Response: 95+ ECU's are 16 bit and can be upgraded, however you will need the ASHSpec ECU found (Link)

Hello, I have a question about this upgrade. Is it true that after the computer is reflashed the egr and AIV systems are eliminated? I want to take these systems off my car before I get the upgrade (for offroad purposes only of course) and wanted to be sure I wouldnt need them. Thanks, jesse

Response: You will be fine to delete these systems with the upgrade.

Would this upgrade not work with a 1996 N/A model?

Response: No unfortunately it will not work for a 96.

Can you use my NA ecu and upgrade it for tt swap.

Response: Yes, just choose the appropriate options above. Regards, The Z1 Team

Hi there, I have a Japanese versions 94-z32-TT M/T, will this ECU able to cut the speed limit? Regards, Simon

Response: Yes this should work to update your 94 TT and remove the speed limiter.

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