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Purchased this Support Brace & Boot Kit along with the Z1 Short Throw Shifter. This combo is nothing short of AMAZING. Zero slop in the shifter. Crisp and precise shifting allows for more confident shifts and the solid feel really impressed me. Yes, it does transmit a little more vibrations through the shifter, but it's not a huge amount or anything worth complaining about. Highly recommend this to anyone doing the Z1 short throw shifter install!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Nathan Barstow

Way better over original shifter mount. It feels, well, solid. If your oem shifter brace bushings are worn you're going to have movement all over the place. I put this in my z32 that I was converting from Auto to manual. And I've got to say, if you're doing transmission work. You definitely want to get this while you have your transmission out.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Sebastion Cooling
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