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Just purchased and installed one of these along with a brand new OEM shifter support plate to replace a knock-off eBay short shifter and the Z1 piece is far superior in every aspect. Good, solid feel, smooth operation, etc, etc. Only thing I wouldve preferred was new OEM pieces to use for the pivot center as this one requires you to reuse your originals.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Jonathan MacGovern

Hands down the smoothest and most natural shifting i have experienced.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Jackson Elias

I just replaced my factory shifter with this one and it made such a difference! The throws are very smooth and precise. I would definately recommend this upgrade to every z32 owner.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Sarah Christenbury

Great product. Really improves the shift quality, giving a shift that's quicker but also smoother. Not at all notchy or difficult to shift. Installation is easy, although if you have large hands you will get a few cuts and bruises, as there's not much space to work in.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by David Alvarez-Buylla

I had purchased the short throw shifter back in mid January of this year and am big enough to admit I had my doubts on spending $170 on a shifter. Well I finally decided it was time to write my review after 9 months of really getting after it and now that I am writing it I can say with full confidence that this shifter was well worth the price! I will admit I am somewhat rough on my cars past and present and this shifter has held up to anything I have tossed at it plus improved the shifting overall. I was and still am very pleased with this product and would highly recommend this product to any other Z owners I come across!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Jared Matthys

All I am going to say is I just had my motor rebuilt and I am more excited with the shifter than the motor rebuild! Very precise and smooth shifts.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by David Best
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