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Just purchased and installed one of these along with a brand new OEM shifter support plate to replace a knock-off eBay short shifter and the Z1 piece is far superior in every aspect. Good, solid feel, smooth operation, etc, etc. Only thing I wouldve preferred was new OEM pieces to use for the pivot center as this one requires you to reuse your originals.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Jonathan MacGovern

When I bought my 1989 300ZX Z32 TT, the first thing I noticed was the stock shifter bushings were completely gone - it flopped around (like it was in neutral) even while in gear. Even though this short shifter is a wee bit pricey for an Australian (shipping kills) the price was worth it. Instructions were easy to follow, and came preassembled and was fairly easy to install (took a couple hours). It can take a bit of fighting to get the new shifter through the car's support plate though. The shifter now feels very solid with minimal play. Definitely a much shorter throw compared to stock, and the bearings give a much more solid feel compared to plastic bushings. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Andrew Ford

I, and a friend, installed this kit on my z32 this past sunday. The only issue I had with is kit was getting the washers to stay on the end of where the shifter links up while trying to install it, mostly due to the restrictive working space the z always seems to offer. The kit itself made a huge difference. It feels like the throw was reduced by more than the advertised percentage and shifting is smoother.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Robert Garrett

This shifter replace my Stillen short-throw shifter (which failed and became sloppy in the ball joint for some reason). Excellent build quality of this product, and it comes fully assembled.....which is great! Installation 'could' be difficult if you are trying to only access it from above, I would think. My installation was done with the exhaust removed and the car up on jack stands, and that way it was easy. I also installed a solid plate to replace the oem rubber bushing/plate and also replaced the hinged wishbone with a solid one.....all from z-speed. The combination with z1's premium short throw shifter is fantastic! Highly recommend it.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by John Bojack

I debated for the longest time if I though a short throw shifter was worth the hassle instead of just replacing my completely worn out (read: missing) shifting bushing. I finally decided to purchase this shifter, along with the ZSpeed Solid Shifter Support kit and I am blown away by the improvements this combo yielded. Shifting is crisp, precise, and has NO slop in it. The shift definitely shortened the throw and is a very comfortable and smooth shift. Very please - I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new shifter or that just needs to replace their worn shifter bushings.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Nathan Barstow

The construction of the shifter is impressive! Noticeably, difference without even driving the vehicle. During installation there were 3 things that needed great attention. 1. One of the bolt and nut left side towards the back was very challenging. Nut is on the underside. 2. The wishbone plate/support had to be modified. We shaved the metal to allow the shifter to go through the opening. 3. Lower shift boot needed to be trimmed or opened up to allow the larger spacer to fit through. The space is where the bushing, ring, lower and upper boot, grease etc. fit into and then the plate cover. I highly recommend allowing an auto mechanic assist and or do the installation. Of course, if you are already a mechanic and is knowledgeable with the 95 300zx. I will be looking to purchase other items in the near future. All is good! Thank you!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Dat Nguyen
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