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Very good quality, as the video shows they are easy to install even with basic hand tools. I suggest you lightly grease them so they slide in easier. Feed back from the car is improved while driving in a good way. Best mod under $150 by far.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by justin phillipson

Installed these on the weekend and they are one of the easiest installs I have done, even without a hoist job was done in less than an hour. good squirt of WD40 allowed then to slide in a little easier. Instant change in the cars response on and off power. One forst look they are a great bang for your buck mod.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by keith flanagan

I hope more folks get these collars because they are worthy of a BUY NOW purchase. I did it in my driveway without beer or power tools. The bottom collars do need lubrication and some man power to get it up (pause). I didn't have a rubber MALLET or sledge hammer available so I used the subframe to be finish the job. The top collars legit just fall in place. that first drive you'll be like Holy nosubframe flex! there's really no movement back there. It's all the positivity of a solid bushing without the negative NVH they bring.don't just browse the product. BUY IT!!! PS. #FMY

Rated starstarstarstarstar by LeSean Moses

significantly reduced rear end walking/torsion during hard acceleration and hard gear changes, I can see these promoting more consistent tire wear also. subframe has to come down quite a bit for the forward collars so I recommend an alignment after but the subframe has pretty beefy centering studs so it's really just if you have easy access to an alignment rack I guess. I did these the same time I did the differential bushings to make everything easier. They weren't hard to do with a 2 post but, no, I wouldn't attempt any subframe work if you aren't an experienced mechanic. Strongly recommended

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Tyler Porter

MUST HAVE ON G37x sedan! Wow what a difference. Definitely worth the money

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Matt Lorentz

Very easy to install ! It took me 20 mins to install them. Great quality!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Taylor Lasnier
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