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Its sooo much better than the oem mount. The first thing i noticed was the feeling of the shifter going into gear. Much much more crisp. downshifting feels better. As for the NVH(noise, vibration, harshness)....I would not recommend this thing for a daily driven car, unless you really want your car to have the sound of your engine and transmission echoing inside your cabin at all times. It is especially bad from 1-3k rpm. I also have a engine torque damper...maybe thats why....? But overall if you ever track your car..or just want a better feel from the shifter. Get this thing!! its AWESOME!! installation took 15min(not including the time to jack up the car).

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Tanner Kim

**READ BEFORE YOU BUY** For the first ~500 miles after installation, the NVH will be incredibly terrible. You will feel and hear every gear tooth with every shift. Every plastic panel in the interior will vibrate and rattle. Every engine pulse will be felt while driving. You will think you did something wrong, but you didn't. It's just the mount. After the 500 miles the car will feel just like normal and you will forget you ever installed a 90a transmission mount. Daily driving feels the same, I don't understand how people say the transmission shifts better since this mount doesn't affect it. On a track though, it feels much better. Less overall slop and no transmission movement. I assume it's also great for drag racing. Overall, a great buy and highly recommend to anyone!!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by damien vargas

My transmission issues are a thing of the past. This week I pulled the engine and trans out of my G35 sedan, and replaced the OE trans and engine mounts with Z1's poly mounts. These things so far are awesome. There is a noticeable increase in NVH in the cabin, but I don't mind. I also have sound mat covering my entire interior floorboard. I could see how the increase in NVH would be a bit annoying to someone that hasn't done so, but boo-hoo on them. The increased precision and more direct connection from this mount in conjunction with my poly engine mounts is fantastic, and worth every penny. Depending on your driving habits, I'd definitely recommend these.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Thomas Johnson

This was a simple mod I did to my 350z. The shifting is more precised with this mount compared to the old mount I removed. There is little to NHV with this mount. This is another Z1 product I'm highly pleased with.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Brandon Johnson

For those wondering about the Z1 poly motor mounts and trans mount. Installed mine last night night and absolutely loving them. Throttle input is much snappier, like an ON/OFF switch, esp at WOT. The transmission feels amazing, shifting is very smooth and precise. Remember playing Need for Speed Underground back in the day?? I want you to close your eyes and awaken your inner ricer, put on Get Low by Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys and think back on the sound that Si Blue Honda Civic you started out with made when shifting gears roaming the streets of Olympic City, sounded so freakin awesome right?!?! Made your 13 year old self nearly cream your Joe Boxers. It's that same noise Brian Earl Spilner's 16 speed Mitsubishi Eclipse made when he was rowing through gears before topping out at 140mph that morning (RIP Paul Walker????) Well anyway, think of that awesome sound and thats how crispy the shifting feels like after these mounts.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Adnan Pilav

Just by taking out the old one and feeling the soft, mushy old rubber wiggle in my hands I already knew the Z1 transmission mount was going to be a fantastic upgrade and sure enough, shifting feel has improved immensely and clutch engagement / disengagement is much more precise, providing a direct connection between me behind the wheel, and what I want the car to do. Perfect product! Thanks Z1!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Jerome Archambault
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