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I bought 2 of these Oil Cooler Kits, one for the oil and one for the transmission. You see I am tracking my G37 and want to make sure that my oil is nice and cool. I had heard that once the oil gets hot in these cars that the ECU will almost put the car in limp mode until it cools back down. Well I didn't want this so that is the reason I put 2 25 row coolers up front. There is plenty of room you just have to move the power steering cooler but they give you everything you need to do this. I read through the instructions and thought taking off the bumper was going to be a pain in the you know what but it was actually not that bad. It just sort of pops off when you get the fasteners removed. Installation was really easy and if you have any mechanical ability then you can do this with ease. I will also be driving this car as my daily driver and the hot summers down south here can be almost unbearable so I can imagine what the oil temps are without it. Now I am not worried about anything. These coolers are a bit expensive but you can see in the design and everything that comes in the kit makes it almost plug and play so I feel it was worth it. Now it looks professional and it keeps my car cool.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Keith Coyle

I installed a Z1 Motorsport 25 row oil cooler kit this weekend and I cant say enough about how easy the install is. Pretty much every thing needed is included in the kit and the step by step instruction talk you through every step of the process. I have a Nismo and was able to reinstall the dampener using the included hardware. I took my car to the track this weekend and didn't have any overheating problems at all.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Bob Burk

Great product! The install didn't go quite as smooth as the instructions said. Routing the oil hoses by the washer bottle did not work for me, so there is another bit of space right next to the headlight and bumper beam that I used. Rest of the instructions I used. It would have been MUCH BETTER if torque specs for the AN lines were provided. I work in a dealer, and the tech helping me could not figure out how much to torque the lines. But it was an easy install. Took me 6 hours cause I was goofing around with my techs, could have EASILY been 3.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Pakorn Wichitnak

I purchased the 34 row Setrab kit for my G37 that is mostly a track duty car with very little street miles at this point. The install really wasn't bad, a few profane words and little frustration after starting, and I was done. To tell how well it worked, I drove my car at high speeds under a lot of stress at Talladega Superspeedway. Not once did the car drop in performance or did the oil temp rise. Great kit and highly recommended!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Pakorn Wichitnak

Bought the 19 row (I live in NH) now oil temps in the z are around 200 at most. 180 on highway, used to reach 220 easy in traffic, oil viscosity and temp is imperative in this engine and higher temps you will notice significant power loss due to breakdown and inaccurate oil control pressure at the phasers. I'm glad Nissan got that and replaced the pressure gauge with a temp gauge. Anyways, install will take some time, there were probably 2 ways I could have routed the cooler lines but the cooler itself mounts pretty easy, and is solid. bumper removal is required and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND the oil cooler line conduit/protection as the stainless braided lines run close to the frame and power steering lines so chafing could be an issue. The core is really beautiful, high quality, very well made core. The stainless lines are also very well made but you won't see them anyways.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Tyler Porter

25 row oil cooler was perfect for me and my G37x sedan! Had track and road use with no issue. Definitely wanted the thermostat plate for my application. No complaints. Does its job! 25 row was great and actually pretty good size. Much bigger than my trans cooler in size.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Matt Lorentz
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