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I added one of these diff covers last year as an upgrade when doing fluid maintenance on my diff. I found that my diff had been getting so hot after a track day that the magnet in the drain bolt deformed all droopy from starting to melt. Since the install I have done 3 more track days and didn't notice any issues at my last service. I think the fluid staying cooler will let me get an additional event out of it's use before needing to be serviced, so I tell my wife mods like this pay for themselves!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Spencer Hutchins

We rebuild lots of Nissan differentials here in Australia and thought we'd try out this cover from Z1 on our shop 370Z. This is the best quality casting we've ever seen! The only thing that comes close are solid billet covers that cost 5x the price. We will be recommending this part to all of our customers.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Michael Copley

Very nice and looks great on! Plus more fluid capacity and better cooling to boot

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Shawn Berry
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