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I put this on my 2004 g35 running test pipes and stock Y-pipe, it sounds amazing. Installation took maybe 45 minutes and that’s mostly due to not have a lift and doing it on the ground. It has a slight drone around 2,000-3,000 rpms but not enough to bother me. I highly recommend this exhaust, loud when you want it to be but can also be quiet if you need to drive through a neighborhood late at night. Completely worth it.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by James Hennessey

Overall great product and value. Everything fits perfect, although it can be a bit of a pain to get the mufflers adjusted to where they don't hit the bumper on the G35. It sounds amazing. My only complaint might be that the Z1 logos on the muffler tips seem to be prone to rusting a bit and that can be hard to clean up.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by CODY MUSSMAN

I installed this exhaust on my 2003 350Z with stock Y pipe. Fits perfectly. Installation is a breeze, hardest part is removing the rusted bolts attached to the oem mid pipe to oem y-pipe. But, when Z1 says LOUD. This exhaust is LOUD. Videos do not do any justice you have to hear in person. Drone sound around 2k RPM. Coming with silencers is very good for in town traffic takes 30 secs to install! So A+! Even with the silencers on it sounds good.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by landon hamamura

Easy to install, sounds great. I should mention that for a 350z you will need to remove your evap-box splash shield as well as tuck or cut the corners off the center section of the bumper between the exhaust tips to fit the mufflers. Fitment wise it sits fine, the midpipe hanger could be a little thicker and angled better to have the exhaust sit about a 1/4 inch towards the driver side. The tips will sit out 2 1/2 to 3 inches from the bumper. It drones around 2k, the silencers included have no drone assuming you still have everything else stock.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Jasper Taggart
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