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By far the best single exhaust I have ever purchased, Rev it up and the sound is outstanding, music to My ears but not my neighbors, I love this exhaust, I give it 5 stars

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Nestor Navarrete

Wow that's really all that can be said. The sound of this exhaust is intoxicating. Warning with high flow cats and xyz pipes this exhaust is extremely loud just how it should be. Installation is easy, however it took me awhile and a couple spacers on the rear hanger to get the space from muffler tip to bumper at a safe distance.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Jeremy Szamrey

At first I'll be honest I was nervous about sound and even quality of such an affordable exhaust.. HOWEVER I'm beyond happy with my decision. This exhaust sounds perfect it brings life out of the engine of the car. Everything came in my packaging no issues along the way thank you guys so much!!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Anthony Sanabria

Picked this up over black friday weekend: simply fantastic. I've paired it with the Motordyne XYZ pipe with resonator section, still with stock catalytic converters. With this set up the noise is definitely manageable below 4000 RPM even without the included silencer in. Startups and low RPM its incredibly deep and screams at high RPM. There is some drone between 2000-2500 RPM, but only with the accelerator down in 5th or 6th gear - you basically have to intentionally make it drone. Soon as you're cruising within that range without extra gas it goes away. Note it is loud over 4000 RPM - if you want attention you'll get it. B just don't be a jerk to your neighbors and floor it through your neighborhood and you'll be fine. I've had it installed for two days and already got a positive comment from another Z owner. Installation was easy (no instructions, but seriously its like three pieces figure it out). Hardest part was getting the stock exhaust off. I was thrilled to run errands today after work, just to hear it rumble around town. 100% would recommend. 5/5.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Keegan Olds

THE BEST aftermarket exhaust you can get as a y-pipe back for the price for the Z. The sound of a VQ engine is very unique, and this exhaust keeps that sound, but gives it balls! I picked this up on black Friday this year and I must say, this is amazing quality and the result you get for a stock Z is amazing. Great sound, great performance, super low price. It's everything I was looking for. 100% recommended to anyone looking to upgrade without having to buy a full system yet.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Chandler Chavez

This exhaust is mean! I never put the silencer on because I'm a bit of a purist, but the quality is there. . . Someone thought about the flexibility of blending the desired look of the exhaust with the shear growl of a throaty free flowing exhaust. I mean, this dang thing only has one bend in it! I will admit, that it was a tiiiight fit, but anyone that knows anything about cars can get a proper fit. Other than having my wife take off so I can hear it (so good), I like to do a little blip when downshifting and hear the pops and burble of the exhaust. Why? Because RACECAR!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Jeremy Strong
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