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I replaced a NISMO black aluminum shift knob with this Z1 shift knob. The feel of this is so much better than the NISMO one, like night and day. It may have just been me but the Nismo shift knob was quirky when putting the shifter in 6th or reverse, I would say it may be due to that the Z1 shift knob is slightly longer and is contoured perfectly making the action smoother.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Thomas Ledoux

I do have the carbon fiber Nismo knob to begin with,compare side by side this is ok finish. however .when I put this knob on,the positive feeling is tremendous. recommend!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by ZHI YE

To start I have the stock, nismo carbon fiber weighted, and this shifter. All have been attached to a torque short shifter and canyon tested so far. This one felt the best out of all of them took some adjusting to get it just right especially 5th and 6th gear with me not having to do much body movement to get comfortable shifting. Stock was a big lump in my hands it was good but didn't like that ball feel. The nismo weighted was good but after a feel runs you start to feel like your just throwing a small rock around. Besides the heritage fairylady z etched which is awesome by the way, this shifter felt like a glove in the hands especially when you downshift. Everyone has there own preferences but I got to give it to this shifter felt right in everyway. Thank you Z1

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Joshua cha

Very good and high quality product, love the weight and the feel!:)

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Kevin Corbeil

Great feel in the hand and good weight too. Definitely better than stock. If you haven't read up on removing the stock knob just know this, you will swear you're about to break something but you won't.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by chris elkins

Perfect, just installed it today and i love it. Way better than OEM and the size perfectly fits my hand.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Alvindale Bernardo
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