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So I will say this.... this bushing set makes such a beautiful difference! Deffinitely an amazing upgrade... No more Wheel hop is accurate but also a lot more crisp shifting with a huge improvement in feel when launching, could have ordered from plenty of other companies but Z1 is offering newer technology with a lot of R&D in a product that works!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by judah griner

This is a must have makes the car put power down so much better. I did this along with the sub frame inserts and the wiggle under acceleration in the rear end is gone. There is a little more vibration but totally worth it for the driving experience.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by adam barbieri

I've had these for over a year now and they're still holding up great. It was a huge pain to get the old bushings out since I didn't get the removal tool, but it was well worth the effort.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Lance Danley

10/10! These are great. I haven't found a bad product from Z1 yet! I decided to replace all 3 diff bushings with these after noticing the dreaded black tear of death coming from the stock bushing on my rear subframe. They are working great and certainly made the rear end feel much more planted and confidence inspiring. No more clunk in the drivetrain when going from coast to acceleration either. Before the rear end of the car would wiggle a bit during hard turns. It felt almost as it the sidewall of the tire was folding over or something... but that was obviously not the case. Now it performs perfectly. I don't have a huge knowledge or background in mechanics and this was definitely the biggest job I have taken on, but with the help of the instructions and a few youtube tutorials on how to get the bushings out (drill, burn, cut, hammer, repeat) I was able to do it by myself in my driveway. 2 people is helpful for lowering and raising the rear diff. Everything else can be done by one person with some simple tools and patience.... or just get a shop to do it and save yourself a few days and some busted knuckles.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Derek Simnett

2012 G37xS - 7AT - 53,421 miles Infiniti Factory Certified Technician I was experiencing vibrations at idle in drive, a significant delay transferring power at launch and even some delay between shifts. The rear bushing was not leaking yet however there was a good amount of play observed in all the rear differential bushings when brake torquing. Took a chance on this kit and was not disappointed. Vibrations at idle are gone. Launch is snappier and shifts feel more defined. No noticeable increase in NVH whatsoever. I do not usually install performance mods, however Infiniti does not sell these bushings separately from the rear $900 subframe. It made sense to replace these bushings with stiffer longer lasting polyurethane because they were bad after only 50k miles. These bushings work as advertised. The kit and even the install instructions are well thought out. Very happy with the result. Note: I will update this review after 10k miles with any noticeable increases in NVH and whether or not they will require periodic re-greasing.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Eric Jones

Please don’t hesitate to purchase this bushing especially if your factory ones are done for. My G feels brand new again way more power transfer. Got myself the full set and couldn’t be more satisfied. Thanks Z1 just ordered the poly urethane motor mounts as well can’t wait

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Samuel Alvarado
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