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i got these for my 08 g37 sport. had a really bad cavitation and while there were plenty of miles left on the old pads and rotors i had warped them. got these and pads all the way arround the car. it took 4 hours to install seeing how this was the first time ever doing brakes on this particular car. looking back i wish i would have got the lighter 2 piece rotor. simply because of how heavy the single piece is in the front. i have never had brakes so responsive before.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Jacob Allen

I recently bought my 370z and i had barely any front pad left and the rotors were all chewed up and warped. These are a really solid rotor to say the least, paired with the carbotech 1521(Sport) pads comes in at an amazing combo for basic street use and for 200 for the rotors its a great deal. Keep it up boys

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Stephen Molina

Excellent value and performance! On my 2nd set of these. The first set lasted about 10 track days I added cooling ducts and I don't see why I couldn't run these even longer.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Brian Ricci
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