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This is a pretty straight-forward install on the G35 Coupe. The one thing I recommend, as I found out, is to remove the catalytic converter brace (it\'s 4 14mm bolts total), and it adds a lot of room to work. Also important is to use a 10mm pipe wrench to avoid completely tearing up the clutch line that stays with the car. Finally, I recommend using Nissan OEM DOT 3 brake fluid. (Z1 Recommends Motul RBF 600 Fluid.) Before and after impression is extremely positive. I noticed when removing the OEM clutch line that it was heat shielded. Upon pulling the heat shield off, I noticed degradation of the rubber. Definitely not a good thing. I can easily see how, especially when hot, the rubber would have expanded when pressure was added, negatively impacting clutch performance. First thing I noticed was that the clutch play from the top of travel all the way to the floor has been smoothed out. Feels extremely linear now. I took it for a quick drive and was immediately impressed with how much easier it was to feather out the clutch. Before it was much more stop-start, with not much in-between. Now I can start the car out much easier and definitely a lot more gracefully than the herky-jerky starting I\'d been experiencing. My biggest gauge was on the first drive, wide open throttle, shifting from first to second with VDC turned off. Before I would get a nice little chirp when I hard shifted from first to second from the rear tires. First time out with the new clutch line, the rear end got a little squirrely when hard shifting, but quickly regained composure. I feel that this $29 modification has given new life to a clutch I once believed was on its way out. I\'m really looking forward to a long drive with the car in the near future to fully gauge how well this clutch line has worked out. Definitely money well spent.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Charles Morse

Had this line installed a week or 2 ago and it felt better immediately. No regrets since.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Kenneth Probst

Just put this on my g35 and im in love day and night!!! Love you z1!!!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Aaron Ware

Eliminated the mushy pedal immediately! During installation pay attention the the orientation of the banjo fitting when pinning to the stock mount. Installed on my 2007 Infiniti G35S, a midyear model and hard to find parts for.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Christopher Karam

If you are not getting a stock setup you must buy this, the end. Also be prepared to bleed clutch for a few hours if diy. Very high quality

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Michael Nawojski

Very good quality product. Highly recommend as it eliminates soft pedal and increase driver feel.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Alexander Riggers
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