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I just bought these for my 350z and they worked great. see my how to video on vimeo on troubleshooting as well. I first put the brackets on upside down and then Spencer at Z1 helped me out. Also he recommended tightening my hatch latch which I explain in the video.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Kristopher Kline

Super easy to install and so far seems to be a great product. Once lifted manually about 4 inches, the new struts take over and lift the hatch for you. One problem I experienced was that my oem screws for the oem ball joint at the top were really IN THERE. I would recommend hitting them with some penetrating oil before trying to remove them. Great product z1!!!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Scott Strickland

Very satisfied with these. Apparently the stock struts are terrible since I see so many people buying these. These z1 struts are the answer you're looking for... when you install them, make sure you GENTLY set your hatch down to test them for proper placement first... if the hatch won't shut easily, it is because you have the brackets upside down. Just flip them and you're all set! I made that mistake and made a 5 minutes job a 30 minutes job. They are simple to install when done properly though! Get them!

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Andrew Cantrell

Shanna's video made the installation process really easy since I'm a visual learner. The HP pressure is solid for a 350z without a spoiler like my 07'. I can see the HP pressure level being harder for someone who is on the smaller side to push down and it's definitely stiffer than the stock. I'm 5'10 170 lbs and this stiffness was fine for me but I definitely feel it. Someone on the shorter side might have trouble getting leverage when closing the hatch and I'd recommend the lowest pressure struts for them. 5/5 for now and will update review later in 2017 on how they hold up.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Dmitriy Gulgazian

In Australia, it is almost impossible to get good aftermarket Z products at anything close to a reasonable price. My hatch struts have been failing for 12+ months (at 140,000kms or 87000 miles) and I haven't replaced them because OEM are $350+ here. I came across these on Z1 and decided to bite the bullet and order from the USA instead, since I'm sick of the hatch falling on me (its winter here and the old struts get much worse in the cold). Ordered on Monday delivered 4 days later, half way across the world! Installation was a breeze - took me 10 minutes and a helper to hold the (very heavy) hatch open. Only needed 2 tools (12mm open spanner and 10mm socket + ratchet) and now the hatch opens much better and stays open. The HP struts take a little more effort to close, but this girl can still close it 1 handed (no aftermarket spoiler or hatch mods). Definitely glad I found you guys at Z1, and anyone with the same annoying Z hatch issues should definitely give these a go before throwing your money at Nissans well overpriced parts.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Shell Jourdain

Huge upgrade! Very impressed with the quality of these hatch struts. The folk at Z1 are awesome as well! Very helpful, informative, and extremely courteous! Z1 Motorsports will be my go to for our Z’s necessities.

Rated starstarstarstarstar by Roger Keith
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